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Personalized USB Flash Drive Made From Wood

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Personalized USB Flash Drive Made From Maple Wood

How about a USB flash drive that looks special because it is made specially for you.

This flash drive is made from maple wood and has a personal message printed on the front and back.

The cap to the USB connector is made from wood to and is hold in place by magnets so that it looks like one piece of maple.

Now you can have a flash drive that says “work files” or “My backup” or what ever you want and that can make your life a lot easier.

And this flash drive comes in USB 2.0 or 3.0 in sizes 8, 16, 32 or 64Gb so that you can get the flash drive your really need.

Come check out this Woden Personalized Flash Drive.

Build A Robot Toy

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Build A Robot Toy

This build your robot set is fun for kids and adults.

You can build and take it apart to change the robot to something else.

The different heads all have different emotions and shapes to teach kids about those and the robot it self can stand or sit.

And this robot set is build out of recycled rubber-wood and the colors and accents painted on it are done with non toxic water based paints.

If you have small kids (3 and up) or just like to play yourself then come and check out this Build Your Own Wooden Robot Kit.

Wooden Wireless Mouse

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Wireless optical mouse made from wood

We tech freak are not so much in touch with nature as everything we use seems to be made out of plastic.

But how about a new mouse that is made out of wood?

This wireless mouse will bring back a piece of nature to your desk.

Now you can have the feel of wood while working with technology.

This is a wireless USB mouse that works on the 2.4ghz frequency and even has a build in rechargeable battery.

Why still go with a plastic mouse when you can go with wood. And this wooden mouse cost less then 20 dollars so even in price it can compete with plastic.

Get back the feeling of nature with this Wooden Optical Wireless Mouse.

Wooden Robot Keychain

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Wooden robot key chain fun

How about a robot made out of wood?

This keychain is a made of wood and looks like a robot. This robot can move it’s arms and is ready to be decorated (only if you want to)

A fun piece of wood that loves to hang out with your keys.

Check out this Robot Keychain.

Wooden 8 GB USB Flash Drive

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Do you like a new USB Flash drive? If so have a look at this wooden one, it has a capacity of 8gb and it comes with an

Check out if you name is available on this Wooden Flash Drive

iPhone case from wood

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OK we all know that the iPhone is the most amazing smart phone out there and I for one can’t even think about living without it any more.

Till now my phone lived in all kind of cases to protect it from evil. But what does my phone deserve? Right my iPhone deserves the best of the best so now I am thinking of a nice Bamboo case for my phone.

Vers makes a great case from wood, you can choose from Bamboo, Cherry or the darker Walnut all tree are lined with soft felt and the corners are reinforced with steel pins for great strength.

And the nice thing is that you can see you clock without getting your phone out of it’s wooden home. Getting the phone out is easy by sliding it out using the quick eject rear finger detail.

Go check out some more photo’s and info of the Vers Wood iPhone Case.