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Actiontec MegaPlug Ethernet Adapter

author Posted by: George on date Feb 4th, 2010 | filed Filed under: Cables, Networking

Network over your powersystem

We all know the problem, your router is on one side of the house and your network printer that does not have WIFI is on the other side. So now you can start drilling holes in your home andĀ  pulling wires but that is such a pain.

So why not look at the MegaPlug? It offers two power plugs in witch you can put a network cable that way you can stream your network over you power system, it can reach speeds up to 85 Mbps and that is enough for most network tasks.

Have a look at the Actiontec MegaPlug 85 Mbps Ethernet Adapter Twin-Pack and see what other people think of this amazing product.

Syba 7 feet USB 3.0 Cable

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USB3.0 get a 7feet cable today

USB 3.0 is still new lets say really new. There is not to much available but this can change soon really soon and then we need to replace all our USB wires for the new 3.0 version that of course is much much faster.

But no worries because we already found some cool blue USB3.0 cables.

Get your Syba USB 3.0 Cable today and your future can start.

CableDrop Cable Clips

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Lots of us these days work on laptops and that means we have a lot of wire lying around.

The pictures above kinda tells a story about how my cables should look but they don’t.

Right now there are the following cables on my desk:

  • power cable laptop
  • printer cable
  • USB cable for my camera
  • Ethernet cable
  • iPhone sync cable
  • external hard drive cable

You see way to many cable just lying loose. But with the CableDrop this could all be organized a lot nicer. Just stick one of the clips at the edge of you desk and route the cable through it and there you are no loose wire any more till you pull it up to use it.

For me this would be a great solution and I will be getting one of these. They come in a set of 6 (2 of each color) and for less the 10 dollars it seems money well spend.

Check out theĀ CableDrop Cable Clips and see how they could improve you desk.