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Ring WIFI Video Doorbell

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Ring WIFI Video Doorbell

Want more security and convenience for your front door?

This video doorbell from Ring could be just what you need. It offers video and audio and even talks to your smartphone so that you can see who is at the door even if you are not at home. And the video offers 180 degree angle so that you can see more then just the front. Beside video there is two way audio to talk to the people at your door even if you are not at home.

And besides being a doorbell it is also a security device that can track motion and record it in the day or night so that you know what is happening in front of you home.

Get rid of the boring old doorbell and add video to the mix it the Ring WIFI Video Doorbell.

ZSUN WIFI Bridge And Card Reader

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ZSUN Wireless flash drive


We all know the problem about not having the files you need on you iPad, phone or other device.

Now the people from ZSUN have you covered they made a little USB stick that can hold a Micro SD card and just plug it into a USB charger and you have you own WIFI hotspot that also works as bridge.

And you can also use it as a simple flash drive by plugging it into a computer.

It’s really handy as there are IOS and Android apps so just plug it in a power source and connect to the wifi network and then in the app you can rout to a “normal” wifi connection. This is really nice as now you could use this at places where you wifi is only good for one or two devices as some hotels offer.

The IOS and Android apps make it possible to browse files, watch movie look at pictures all stored on the flash drive.

And this fun little ZSUN device comes in a bunch of colors so that it can match your life.

Come and take a closer look at this ZSUN WIFI Bridge And Card Reader.


Home Is Where The Wifi Connects Automatically T-Shirt

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Home Is Where The Wifi Connects Automatically T-Shirt

For different people home means something different but for a true geek home is where the wifi connects automatically because there they can game, read, surf and what ever else they do online.

This t-shirt shows the typical wifi symbol but the last lines are text and you guessed it they say “Home is where my wifi connects automatically”.

And this wifi t-shirt comes in many styles colors and sizes so that any geek can get a shirt with these graphics on it and maybe when you wear them people start giving you their wifi password so that you can have more homes.

Tell the world where your home is by wearing this Home Is Where My Wifi Connects Automatically T-Shirt.

Rovio WiFi Roaming Robot

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Rovio will be your next best friend. The Rovio is a little robot that can drive through you home or office and you can control it from anywhere. You can use Rovio to keep an eye on your home for instance to check if the mail came or to see how you dog is doing. But Rovio can do more because of it’s build in microphone and speakers you can communicate. Imagine you are on a business trip and you want to say hi to your kids and see what they are doing, it is possible with Rovio.

I would say have a little look at this video to see what it can do:

Impressive isn’t it. Go and check all about the Rovio – WiFi Roaming Bot

WIFI Detector Cap

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Remember our post about the T-Shirt with WiFi Detection? Sure you do and you love that shirt I just know you do, but sometimes it gets cold outside and you can’t wear it 🙁 No worries we found a solution for that.

Now you can have your own Cap that Detects WiFi just like the T-Shirt did it will show you the strength by bars on your Cap. Of course it will not tell you that you can use this network but at least you know where you could find some WiFi when you need it.

The WiFi Detection Baseball Cap will find WiFi 802.11 b/g and that makes it a great tool to find some friends that need Wireless internet like people with iPhones or netbooks.

Go check out this awesome WiFi detector Baseball Cap.

Mini wifi N router

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We all know the feeling going on a trip and then the wireless in your hotel room that maybe free is just so bad that you can just as well not use it.

But some rooms offer wired high speed internet and that is when this little wonder is handy.

Just plug the router in your wired connection and you are ready to go and now you just have fast fast wireless internet when you need it.

The Mini wireless router of course comes with a network cable and besides that it comes with an power adapter and a usb cable and both can be used to power the router.

I would say go check out this Mini Router and be assured that you have great wireless on your next trip!