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Samsung Galaxy SIII Baseball Case

author Posted by: George on date Sep 20th, 2012 | filed Filed under: VOIP / Phones

Samsung Galaxy SIII Baseball Case

If you like baseball then this is the case for you.

This case for the Samsung Galaxy SIII looks like a old fashion baseball.

And as this case is made by Case-Mate you know that it will protect your phone from harm.
The case is made from hard plastic with a rubber lining to make sure it survives impact.

So if your Samsung Galaxy SIII phone need a new look then you should have a closer look at this Samsung Galaxy SIII Baseball Case. 

Retro Robot Magnet

author Posted by: George on date Sep 13th, 2012 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Robot fridge magnet

Any robot collector want this.

A magnet in the shape of a retro looking toy robot.

The magnet is 3.75 x 2 inch and would look amazing on a fridge or any other metal surface.

With a magnet like this you collection will be better then before.

Don’t hesitate just come and order your Robot Magnet.

Android Pirate T-Shirt

author Posted by: George on date May 14th, 2012 | filed Filed under: T-shirts

Android superuser t-shirt

Are you one of those Android users that can do anything with there phone or tablet. A user that everyone looks up to?

If so then this is the t-shirt for you.

This t-shirt shows and android with a little eye patch and bones under it just like a pirate flag and you as Android superuser are a true pirate on the Android operating system.

This t-shirt has a vintage look and comes in different styles for men and women.

So if this t-shirt fits you as Android owner then come and get your Android Pirate T-Shirt.

Retro USB Mouse

author Posted by: George on date Dec 31st, 2011 | filed Filed under: Mice / keyboard

Vintage Retro USB Mouse

The old is new again.

Retro and vintage are the buss words these days. So maybe this is the time to think back of the days that you had those monochrome screens on your old noisy PC.

Of course an old serial mouse with a ball inside would not really work any more on your modern PC or Mac and that is why we found you  this.

This is Retro looking USB mouse but with all the modern features. First off all it is USB and it’s optical and even has a scroll wheel.

Yes making it wireless would be pushing it a little bit to much so you will be like in the olden days be stuck with the wire.

So lets pimp your desk with this Retro USB Mouse.