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Circuit Board Socks

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Circuit Board Socks

No need to have cold feet because now there are circuit board socks.

These socks look so much better then plain socks and they are a big geeky too.

The socks are black and white with the toes and heel just being black.

On the socks you can see in white a circuit board print that looks really cool against the black background of the socks.

You can get these geeky socks in many sizes for both men and women.

So now you just need to put on your socks and you are ready to be your nerdy self so don’t wait just come an order your Circuit Board Socks.

Doctor Who Socks

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Doctor Who and tardis Socks

There we have it the socks every Doctor Who fan has bin waiting for.

These socks are mainly blue but show the galaxy and a police box called the Tardis and in front of the Tardis we find the 11th Doctor.
A Doctor Who fan should only wear these socks specially as it has Matt Smith on it as the Doctor.

They call these socks ladies socks but I would no be ashamed to wear them myself.

Come have a much closer look at these Doctor Who And The Tardis Socks.

Statement Socks

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Statement socks that say Nerd, Bacon, Bookworm or Geek

OK so we found out already that when you like things on this website then you are different then the rest of the population on  this planet.

And now we are showing you some cool statement socks that will make you stick out a little bit more.

The socks have statements like Bacon, Bookworm, Geek or Nerd on them and they do not come in one big set so you can choose the one your prefer.

Size wise the socks will fit from a women’s size 6.5 to a men’s size 12. The socks come to the knee to most of us and if you are real tall then they come a bit lower 😉

And the socks are made out of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex because a real geek wants to know these things right?

So now we got it all clear and then now it is time to check your sock drawer and see if there is room from these nice colorful Statement Socks.

Away From Computer Socks

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I'm away from my computer right now socks

We geeks like to know where we are at and these socks tell us when we are away from out computer. But you have to wear them when you go away from your computer to make them work.

You are NOT allowed to wear them behind you computer.

These geeky socks are great for exercising although i don’t if that will happen offten.

Check out these I’m Away from My Computer Right Now Socks.