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author Posted by: George on date Nov 7th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch

Apple Store Applications for the iPhone and iPod touch come in different price ranges, but the price does not always determine quality. For instance, the application I’m reviewing here is the best I’ve found in its class and it’s FREE.

ShopShop is, as the name goes, an application that helps you with your shopping. It is an electronic version of a shopping list.

Just add the items you need to the list, and ShopShop will remember the names in a database, so that next time you can select the same items from the database instead of typing their names again. ShopShop also lets you specify a number in front of each item, as in “12 eggs” or “5 apples”. Most times my list just reads “bread, fruits,…” and so on.

The nice thing about ShopShop is that you can cross off what you’ve already picked up. It places a red line through the item, so that you can still see it and uncross it. When you’re all done, you can touch the Clear button on the top left all the red-line items will disappear from your list.

ShopShop also offers the option of making multiple lists. I use it to make lists for different stores, which is very handy. You switch between lists by tapping to the left or to the right of the bottom row of dots (each dot represents one list). Unfortunately you can’t move pages like you can in most other iPhone/iPod touch applications.

Bottom line: ShopShop is a great piece of software for an unbelievable price (FREE!). In my opinion, it’s one of only a few applications that would be worth paying for. It simply does what you need without bombarding you with options. For me this application keeps my shopping lists nicely organized.

ShopShop is a must-have application, so get your copy today before they start charging for it!