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Portable UV Sanitizer

author Posted by: George on date Aug 30th, 2020 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Portable UV Sanitizer

Now there is this Portable UV Sanitizer that is perfect for doing some sanitizing where ever you want.

We are all a bit more worried about viruses, bacteria, germs and stuff and that makes us want to keep cleaning and to make that a bit easier they made this wand.

The portable wand runs on a included battery and gives of UVC light that can kill viruses, bacteria and things like that just but the light on it for like 10 seconds and clean it is.

This is great to clean you phone, tablet, door handle, car and stuff. And sure it may not be perfect but it better than nothing so come and check out this Portable UV Sanitizer.

Gadget Sterilizer

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Gadget Sterilizer sanitizer

If bacteria is something you worry about then you probably try to keep you phone and other gadgets away from usage.

I heard of people using hand sanitizing lotions to get there devices bug free but i don’t know if that is good for you iPhone, blackberry or anything electronic to be honest.

Personally i don’t get the scare and i will not clean my device or even use hand sanitizer on my hands.
But if you are one of those people who like to put there cell phone on a public toilet while using it then maybe this device will make you phone clean again.

This is a UV sterilizer that is simple to use.

Just place your mobile phone like an iPhone, Blackberry in the holder place the top on it and turn it on. Then in 4 minutes the UV light will kill 99% of the surface bacteria of you phone. Of course you can place different things in there to like your earphones, Bluetooth headset, iPod, mp3 player. And if it is small then you can place it in the included basket and soon it will be free from bad bacteria.

Lets kill those germs!

So if you are afraid of bacteria you should come check out this UV Light Gadget Sterilizer.