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Flybot Robot Backpack

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Flybot Robot Kids Backpack

If you little one needs a backpack for preschool or a visit to the grandparents then this backpack could be perfect.

This backpack looks like a little robot and he wears a hat with a propellor so he should be able to fly and that is why he is called “Flybot” The backpack comes in blue (picture) and orange.

The robot backpack is 10.19 x 7.8 x 3.9 inch and is made from cloth to make it soft and even more fun.

And this robot backpack is looking for a home one where kids live that love robots that can take him out for walks and stuff.

Come check out this Flybot Robot Kids Backpack.

Robot Talking A Bath Throw Pillow

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Robot Talking A Bath Throw Pillow

If you like robots then you should take a closer look at this robot pillow.

On this pillow you can see a robot sitting in a bathtub and he is ready to wash his back with a big brush.

But robot are electric you think so that does not go well with water. And you are right you can see electric sparks all around him and based on his eyes it’s not going to well either.

This funny robot pillow comes in 3 sizes and all have the picture of the bathing robot on both sides so that you can keep turning it over and over to get the same funny image.

If you are looking for a geeky and fun pillow then get your own Bathing Robot Pillow.

Retro Robot Pendant Necklace

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Retro Robot Pendant Necklace

If robots are you thing then you have to check out this amazing looking robot necklace.

The necklace is 28 inch long and on it you find a metal gold tone robot that is about 2.5 inch long and has wiggly arms and legs and black rhinestone eyes.

Having this robot with you everyday is just fun.

And this robot necklace comes in a nice jewelry bag so that it even makes for a fun robot present for someone that deceivers some fun robot jewelry.

As this robot looks so cute you just want to adopt him into your life right now.

So come get your own Robot Pendant Necklace.

Blue Robot Kitchen Timer

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Blue robot kitchen timer

Robots can be so useful for us and you may think that you can’t afford a real robot but you maybe wrong.

This little blue robot needs a home and it may not do all the chores around the house but it will keep track of time for you while you are cooking as it is a robot kitchen timer.

And this robot is not gone run away as it does not have legs or arms as it just is a blue robot head with hears and a wind up nut on the top.

The blue robot can tell you between 0 and 60 minutes that it’s time so that less kitchen experiments go wrong.

Make cooking look easy again with the help of this Blue Robot Kitchen Timer.

Anatomy Of A Robot T-Shirt

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Anatomy Of A Robot T-Shirt

If you think robots are cool then this is the t-shirt to check out.

Yes the shirt looks a bit red but don’t worry it comes in other colors to and there is a women’s fit available to.

But on this red t-shirt you can see a black imagine of a robot that seem to be lying face first on the ground and in white letters it says “Anatomy Of A Robot” on the robot itself.

So if you like anatomy and robots then this could be the perfect t-shirt for you. And size matters and that is why you can get this robot t-shirt in sizes Small – 6XL.

Show the world some tech anatomy with this Anatomy Of A Robot T-Shirt.

Famous Robots T-Shirt

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Famous Robots T-Shirt

This charcoal colored t-shirt shows a lineup of famous robots.

The line starts with Marvin and there is Wall-E, R2-D2 and even a Dalek and yes there are more as the shirt shows 8 robots that of course are really useful and some even cute. But watch out for the once that like to Exterminate things because they are kind of dangerous.

This robots t-shirt also says the word “Robots” on it in between the two rows of Robots.

You can get this 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt in many sizes and build for men and women and you can even get it in white and black.

Show the world you love for robots with this Famous Robots Lineup T-Shirt.

Two Robots With Hearts Women’s Sweater

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Two Robots With Hearts Women's Sweater

This black sweater is fun for women that like geeky things.

First of the sweater is black and asymmetric making the back panel a little bit longer is a fun details.
And on the front of this women’s sweater you can see two white robots one is bigger then the other but I think they are friends. And like human’s these robots have hearts to and they are purple.

You can get this robot sweater in a range of sizes so that you get the fit you prefer.

Maybe the robots are actually human’s leading the life they are told to live.

Come and have a better look at this Two Robots With Hearts Women’s Sweater.

Retro Robot Throw Pillow

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Retro Robot Throw Pillow or Pillow case

Does your home have room for a retro looking robot?

This robot is not real he is just a pretty black picture on a grey throw pillow. And you will get two robots for the price of one as the same robot can be found on both front and back of this pillow.

You can get this robot pillow in 3 sizes 16, 18 or 20 inch square and if you don’t need a new pillow but just want a pillow case then you are in luck as you can get it as a robot pillow case to.

So lets make that couch look more fun or have dream of Wall-E or Robocop when napping on this Retro Robot Throw Pillow.

Robot Slippers With Sound

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giant Robot Slippers With Sound

Always want to be a little bit of a robot?

Now you can have warm feet and just be amazing with these robot slippers that make sound with every step you take (you can turn it off).

These giant robot slippers fit up to men’s size 12 and women size 14 comfortably and yes they are just amazing.

The look like two steel boots but they are actually the perfect comfy soft pair of robot boots.

Now just click on the photo above to see a super fun video of these robot boots in action and then after that order you own pair of Giant Robot Slippers With Sound.

Robot Toddler / Kids Shoes

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Robot Toddler / Kids Shoes

Or your toddler or kid needs new shoes but hey of course they want robots on them and that does not have to be a problem.

Keen makes special kids robot shoes. The shoes are dark blue and are covered in small robots in all kind of shapes and colors.

And these robots shoes come in a wide range of sizes from 4 -13 so that you kids feet have the shoes they need.
The shoes are made with natural canvas and have a rubber sole.

Make your kid happy with a pair of Keen Robot Shoes.