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Star Wars R2-D2 Power And USB Socket Bar

author Posted by: George on date Jan 27th, 2016 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Star Wars R2-D2 power charger for at home

If you have a standard power socket in your home then you know that two AC ports often is a bit to little. But now there is R2-D2 that can help you with that problem.

Just put this Star Wars power station on a default power socket and you know have 4 AC ports and 2 USB ports so that yo can charger your phone and tablet and still have room for 4 more things that need power.

The power station looks like it is R2-D2 in half as it is flush against the power socket and the USB charger offers 1 2.1A port and 1 1.0A port so even faster charging is an option.

Come and check out this fun looking Star Wars R2-D2 Power Station.

Famous Robots T-Shirt

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Famous Robots T-Shirt

This charcoal colored t-shirt shows a lineup of famous robots.

The line starts with Marvin and there is Wall-E, R2-D2 and even a Dalek and yes there are more as the shirt shows 8 robots that of course are really useful and some even cute. But watch out for the once that like to Exterminate things because they are kind of dangerous.

This robots t-shirt also says the word “Robots” on it in between the two rows of Robots.

You can get this 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt in many sizes and build for men and women and you can even get it in white and black.

Show the world you love for robots with this Famous Robots Lineup T-Shirt.

R2D2 Robot Flash Drive

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Star Wars R2D2 robot USB flash drive

Yes there is R2D2 our favourite robot from the Star Wars movies.

And this time R2D2 is a USB flash drive that can store all your important data and still stand on your desk like nothing has happened.

This flash drive of course looks so much better then all this boring drives you see all your friends use.

By removing R2D2’s head the USB connector comes available and now you can plug the robot in to your USB port.

Star Wars fans this is the time to get your own Star Wars R2D2 USB Flash Drive.

R2D2 Money Bank

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Star Wars R2D2 money Bank

How to you finance your new gadgets?

I need to save up for them and that is why i use a little piggy bank.

But now I found this R2D2 robot money bank and he is so cute and when you put your money in it then he will make sounds just like we know from the Star Wars movies.

If you are a Star Wars fan then you should have a closer look at this R2D2 Money Bank.

R2D2 Plush Backpack

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Star Wars R2D2 backpack

Star Wars fans all over the world will be so impressed about this R2D2 backpack.

This backpack of R2D2 measures 2o inches long so that is not huge but still the Star Wars backpack is big enough to hold things like your wallet, book or  a drink.

If you are in to robots then this is the backpack for you special because it is shaped like a really special robot it’s shaped like R2D2.

You just have to check out all the details of this Star Wars R2D2 Backpack.

R2D2 Trashcan

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Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan
What looks greater in you office then an Trashcan big enough to keep a lot of trash and cool enough to impress all the people who see it.
We found the item that would do both with this Star Wars R2D2 Trashcan, it looks like the real robot from Star Wars but just press the handle in the middle with you foot and it will open and you are ready to dispose some of you garbage.

This is a real special item that originally was only licensed in Japan but we found a way to get it to  you (US and Canada).

Not only is there the big trash can but it even has a little brother for on your desk.

I would say stop working and start checking the trash with the Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan.