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APC Power / USB Outlet Surge Protector

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APC USB power surge protector

APC wants to make your life easier and safe.

This 4 ports power outlet just connects to you normal power socket in the wall and after you do that you have 4 power sockets and 2 USB ports that are all ready for you to use.

And it also acts as a surge protector so that you devices that are connected are all save from surge peeks that could harm you device.

And the USB ports are strong enough to charge an iPad so that means one less charger to use there.

Go have a closer and better look at this APC Power / USB Outlet Surge Protector.

Travel Power Bar

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4 port travel power bar

When you live in hotel rooms a lot of you working time then you know how bad they are equipped with power sockets.

And with all those tech gadgets we take around with us we run out of power very often.

Now you can have a small and portable solution for this problem where ever you go.

This little power bar made by Monster is the perfect solution.

It offers 4 power sockets (2 on each side) and a small cord that fold around it so that you never have to worry of wires getting tangled in your travel bag.

The power plug even has a little light build in so that you can use it as a nightlight for that strange hotel room.

All in all this is the perfect travel companion for any tech carrying traveler.

We showed you the black but the bar also comes in white and there is also one with 6 sockets.

Go check out this 4 Port Travel Power Strip.

Safety Power Strip

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Super save power bar

Yes this looks like any other power strip but you may be fooled.

This power bar is so much more just like any extension cord it will let you connect up to 4 devices to the strip and it does pretty much anything a normal power strip would do.

But this one is also water resistant so don’t worry if you empty a glass of water on it.

And how about kids they like ┬áto put stuff in those power strips. Don’t worry nothing will happen if they put the scissors or even there tongue in the wholes. It will only conduct electricity when a proper plug is 100% inserted.

There is even a protection for over heating so with this power strip your life becomes a lot safer.

And besides that all the lifespan of this extension cord is 4 times longer then a normal power strip so it will last you a long long time.

Wait no longer go order a Safety Power Strip.

Power Strip Space saver

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Power strip space saver creat easy access powersockets

I guess we tech geeks always run out of power sockets. But this time I ran in to this very handy solution.

It is just a plug that you plug in to a socket but this one has a new socket in it’s back and a little wire with an extra socket. This way you get two sockets and not to much extra wire mess.

And the price is right so the Power Strip Space saver can make a difference in your home.

Check out for more info and pictures about this cool power saver.