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Pokemon 400 mAh Power Bank

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Pokemon 400 mAh Power Bank

Now you don’t have to worry about losing power anymore while playing Pokemon Go thanks to this Poke Ball power bank.

The power bank looks a lot like a Poke Ball in red and white and offers 400 mAh of power and that is enough for at least one full charge for most smartphones.

Beside the power bank function they also build a flashlight in so that you can see in the dark. There also is a LED power indicator so that you know the level of charge of your power bank.

Get ready to catch those Pokemon and take with you this Poke Ball 4000 mAh Power Bank.

Pokemon Team Valor Spiral Notebook

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Pokemon Go Team Valor Spiral Notebook

Now there is a notebook made especially for Pokemon Go players that are part of team Valor.

The front of this spiral notebook is black and on that, you can find the red logo of Team Valor and that looks really good.

You can get the Pokemon notebook with graph paper or lined so that you can get the Valor notebook for the task at hand. Inside the Pokemon notebook, you will find 120 pages and that makes it perfect for school and work but using it at home for notes or as a journal are an option too.

Come and show the world that you are Team Valor by using this Pokemon Go Team Valor Spiral Notebook.

Pokemon Go The Only Reason I Walk T-Shirt

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Pokemon Go The Only Reason I Walk T-Shirt

Are you addicted to Pokemon Go and if so is it your only reason why you go out?

If that is the case you will need this t-shirt.

On the t-shirt it says “The Only Reason I Walk” and below that “GO” with a Pokeball in the middle of the O.

You can get this fun Pokemon t-shirt in many styles for both men and women and besides black you can get the t-shirt in many other cool colors.

Now you just need to pick a size and wait till it arrives and then you can be out chasing more Pokemon characters.

Come and get your Pokemon Go The Only Reason I Walk T-Shirt.