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elago Retractable Stylus

author Posted by: George on date Apr 29th, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

elago retractable stylus for tablets and smartphones

If you are thinking about getting a stylus for you smartphone or tablet but don’t want the big hassle of carrying it but also don’t want a cheap not really working stylus then maybe this is the answer.

elago has a nice small but retractable stylus that would work great with you iPhone, Galaxy tab, Playbook, iPad, Xoom and many others.

And because it is small it will be easy to use. It has a rubber tip that makes working for the right working on your touch screen.

It comes with a cap that has a little string so that you can connect it to a loop hole on your phone or tablet.

The elago stylus comes in loads of different colors so that it will match with your preference.

Go check out the elago Retractable Stylus.

Foldable Tablet Stand

author Posted by: George on date Jan 2nd, 2011 | filed Filed under: iPad

2011 could be the year of the tablet after a year of iPad only now there seem to be competition around the corner.

And that is why you want a stand that works not just for the iPad but also for the Galaxy Tab and eventually the Blackberry Playbook.

This stand from Akron is great because it is small and foldable and it works for your tablet.

Check out what users say about the Akron Foldable Tablet Stand.