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Angry Birds Christmas Stocking

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Angry Birds Christmas Stocking

Santa Claus will think this is super fun when he sees these Angry Birds Christmas Stockings.

Now you can have your own Angry Birds Christmas Stocking. They come in 3 versions.

  • Red Bird
  • Pig
  • Black Bird

These stockings are about 21 inches long and of course have room for lots of geeky presents.

Any Angry Birds fan would love to have a stocking like this.

It doesn’t matter if you like the red bird or the black bird or maybe even the pig all these Christmas stockings are great.

Time to come have a closer look at these Angry Birds Stockings.

Angry Birds Temporary Tattoos

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Angry Birds temporary Tattoos

Getting some decorating going on your self with these fun Angry Birds temporary tattoos.

You will get two sheets full of different Angry Birds including red bird and the pigs and you use they to give your body some cool Angry Bird vibe.

Time to have fun with the birds.

Come order your Angry Birds Temporary Tattoos.

Angry Birds Plush Beanie Hat

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Angry Birds winter wear, Red bird and pig beanie hats

Angry Birds are the hot item and that means you need to get hot to.

With this winter hat Angry Birds style you will be toasty warm all winter. This beanie style hat is plush and soft and that means warm.

The Angry Birds hat come in two versions the Red Bird and the Pig.

If you like Angry Birds then you want each so that you can battle with your friends Red Birds against Pigs.

The hats come in one size fits most adults.

Enough talk lets get warm with these Angry Birds Plush Hats.