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Robot And It’s Sailboat notebook

author Posted by: George on date Aug 24th, 2016 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Robot And It's Sailboat notebook

This spiral bound notebook is perfect for home, school, and the office and if you like robots then this even more perfect for you.

On the cover, you can see the ocean, clouds, and a robot holding up a little sailboat. So you can have a notebook that has a robot playing with a boat on the cover.

Inside the notebook, you will find 120 pages and you can choose between graph or lined paper.

I know you like this robot notebook and it would look great for back to school or back to the office so why not order your Robot And It’s Sailboat Notebook.

Pokemon Team Valor Spiral Notebook

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Pokemon Go Team Valor Spiral Notebook

Now there is a notebook made especially for Pokemon Go players that are part of team Valor.

The front of this spiral notebook is black and on that, you can find the red logo of Team Valor and that looks really good.

You can get the Pokemon notebook with graph paper or lined so that you can get the Valor notebook for the task at hand. Inside the Pokemon notebook, you will find 120 pages and that makes it perfect for school and work but using it at home for notes or as a journal are an option too.

Come and show the world that you are Team Valor by using this Pokemon Go Team Valor Spiral Notebook.

Robots Notebook

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robots journal / notebook great for back to school

A notebook we all need for school, work or just at home.

If you like robots then this notebook could be the perfect one for you.
On the outside you can see all kind of fun drawn robots and on the inside you will find white pages with lines

The inside offers 192 pages of white paper with lines and they are perforated and this journal is bound to make it sturdy for school.

Back to school shopping should start with this Robots Notebook.

Laptop Cufflinks

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Notebook computer cufflinks


So you wear a suit to work but you feel not geeky enough.

No worries now you can have laptop cufflinks they look like a portable computer with everything you expect a screen and a keyboard.

These cufflinks come in a nice storage box to keep your laptop cufflinks save from computer viruses when not in use.

If you need to dress up but still want to show the world that you care more about computer then come and check out these Laptop Computer Cufflinks.

Rocket Sleeve For Macbook Air

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A macbook air sleeve with a Rocket printed on it

The notebook that everybody wants is the Macbook air and now that you got one you of course want to keep it save and away from harm.

A boring cover or case is what you can find anywhere but a nice one is more difficult.

But we found this sleeve with a nice rocket on it.
This sleeve comes in two version one for the 11″ and one for the 13″ Macbook air. The time of generic cases is long gone now you can get a nice sleeve specially made for your computer.

This laptop sleeve is handmade by Rickshaw in San Francisco. And it is water resistant and has protective foam and ultra plush lining to keep your Macbook air safe.

Beside have the rocket on the front side (see picture above) there are more rockets on the back (click picture above to see that) and you have a choice in binding and lining color to make this case even more personal.

Now came the time to get your own Rocket Sleeve For Macbook Air.

Mario Laptop Bag

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Nintendo Super Mario Laptop sleeve

So you got yourself a nice new laptop like a Macbook Air but now how do you keep your new machine looking great while traveling.

Simple just put it in to a laptop bag / sleeve.

This laptop sleeve is an officially licensed Nintendo product and I guess that is why there is a big picture of Marion on it.

On the outside you find Neoprene and the inside of this bag is lined with fleece to keep your notebook in prime condition.

Mario is printed on one side of the bag the other side is just blank but that is perfect for the times that you don’t want to show the world how geeky you are.

Come read all about the size and other stuff about this Marion Laptop Sleeve.

Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315

author Posted by: George on date Mar 17th, 2010 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, travel

We laptop users all know the problem you put your laptop on your lap and try to work. Often it will get pretty hot in your lap and then the touchpad’s they work but not as great as a mouse do they?

OK Logitech solved these problems for you by designing the LapdeskN315. The Lapdesk is a small pad that you can place between your lap and your laptop and it will keep the heath away and it comes with a slid able mouse pad to so now you can use a real mouse while working.

Go checkout this great travel solution the Logitech Lapdesk N315

Griffin Laptop Elevator

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Elevator Desktop Stand for Portable Computers

Laptops are nice but not really good for you body with the screen just basically on the table you neck gets to endure lots of strain. Griffin offers this Elevator to bring your laptop 5″ higher to a more suitable height so that you neck can stay in a more natural position. And now you have a bit more room for you external keyboard (you could even place it under it if you want) and offer you portable computer a lot more cooling to.

I would say sore neck then go check out the Elevator Desktop Stand for Portable Computers

Lapinator Insulated Laptop Desk

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If you have a laptop you know the feeling you use your portable for 20 minutes on your lap and it is getting hotter and hotter and soon you will have burn marks on you legs.

With the Lapinator this will be something from the past.

The Lapinator offers a rigid platform (flexible edges) with a Thinsulate lining to keep your lap save from heath. There is more the lapinator offers compressible legs to give you laptop space to breath to. And it is small enough to travel with your laptop on it’s bag so that it can come on any trip you go on to

Have a closer look at the Lapinator and see how you can keep your cool.