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Celluon Magic Cube Bluetooth Keyboard

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Celluon Magic Cube laser keyboard and mouse

Portable devices are great but doing a lot of text input is not that easy.

OK you could carry a bulky bluetooth keyboard witch works great on most phones and tablets but it defeats the purpose of being mobile.

But how about getting a projection keyboard that connects to almost all the fashionable devices through bluetooth.

The Celluon Magic Cube is a small box with build in rechargeable battery that projects a keyboard in front off you on a flat surface. Now you can start typing on a real size keyboard. And if you need a mouse no worries the Celluon Magic Cube can take care of that to.

Come and see all the details of the Celluon Magic Cube Bluetooth Projection Keyboard.

Homer Simpson Mouse Pad And Mouse

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Get a Homer Simpson desktop

If you like Homer Simpson then you should have your desk full of all kind of Simpsons gadgets.

But if you don’t then this would be a great start.

A nice optical mouse with Homers face on it and a matching mouse pad on witch Homer says his typical word “D’Oh!”

This is not only fun for you but would be great to give as a gift to any Simpsons fan out there.

Wait no longer go get your Homer Simpson Optical USB Mouse And Mouse Pad.

Twelve South MagicWand

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Twelve south magicwand keyboard trackpad connector

Here you have the solution you may have bin looking for, the Twelve South MagicWand.

MagicWand u connector piece

What is the Magic Wand?

Simple if you have a Apple bluetooth keyboard and a Magic Trackpad then you know that now you have two separate devices lying on you desk.

The MagicWand connects them together so that it looks and feels like it is one device. And it is strong enough to use it on you lap for instance if you use a mac as an entertainment system.

This solution by Twelve South can make you life a lot easier.

Go check out the Twelve South MagicWand.

MOBO Ergonomic Computer Station

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Mobo chair workdesk for mouse, keyboard or laptop

The Mobo Ergonomic Computer station can help you get a much better posture while working behind you computer.

MOBO is an addition to your chair and brings your mouse and keyboard to your chair so that you will have the perfect way of working.

No more sore arms, backs and necks because you have the right posture.

Check out this VIDEO to see how it works.

You see this is easy to use and perfect for almost anybody.

And the MOBO can even hold you laptop.

Go order you own MOBO Ergonomic Computer Station.

Bamboo Keyboard And Mouse

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A natural keyboard and mouse made out of Bamboo

If you work behind your computer all day then eventually your will be sick and tired of those cheap looking mice and keyboards.

Now you can change it all by getting this mouse and keyboard set that is handcrafted out of bamboo.

No touching plastic for you any more with this set. All crafted out of bamboo this will not only feel so much more natural it also looks amazing.

And the manufacturer even made wires in brown so that they don”t stick out to much.

Go have a better look at this Bamboo Keyboard And Mouse Set.

Star Trek Wireless Mouse

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Star Ship Enterprise wireless usb mouse right from the movie

Star Trek fans will love this mouse.

It is a wireless USB mouse that works great on PC and Mac and even comes with batteries included.

But the main thing of course is that it is a Star Trek mouse. On the top of the mouse you see a picture of the U.S.S.  Enterprise as we all saw it in the hit Star Trek movie from 2009.

Wait no longer and go get your own Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Wireless Mouse.

Scorpion Mouse

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Computer Mouse with build in real scorpion

Who like to own a computer mouse that has a real scorpion in it?

I don’t but I can imagine that people are liking this one.

Go check out this Scorpion Computer Mouse.

Mini Keyboard With Trackpad

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Great so now you have a computer connected  to your TV but how do i control it without long wires or super big wireless devices?

No problem this mini keyboard and trackpad set are super for that problem. Now you have your own keyboard witch is small enough to fit in your hand and it even has a little trackpad. It even has a laser pointer build in so that you can use it for presentations.

Of course it works on pc’s and mac’s so great for most users.

Go have a look at all the details of this Mini Keyboard and Trackpad Set.

Contour Rollermouse

author Posted by: George on date Oct 10th, 2010 | filed Filed under: Mice / keyboard

If you need a good mouse that doesn’t take up to much space or if you need something that is ergonomically better for you then you have to look at this Rollermouse.

It is not a simple mouse like you are use to. This mouse works with a bigger roller that you can control with one finger and of course it offers the scroll wheel and 5 programmable buttons and it even has an arm rest. The mouse slides under the front of your keyboard just like those arm rest things you see.

I would say need a new mouse go check out the Contour RollerMouse PRO2.

Apple Magic Mouse

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Many of you are having this mouse on there wish list and now it is readily available.

The Apple Magic Mouse of course is wireless and talks through bluetooth to your computer and here no scroll wheels or buttons just  a nice smooth top and yes your can still scroll just move your finger and yes you can still press a button just press, Apple really thought this mouse through and it is hard to admit but it is probably the best mouse out there.

Go check out the Apple Magic Mouse