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Green Turtle Mouse

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Green Turtle Mouse

If you are looking for a cute wired mouse then you should check out this green turtle mouse.

The computer mouse is great for your and maybe your child’s computer.

As you can see on the picture the mouse looks really cute and is all green (also available in red) and from the mouth of the turtle the USB wire goes to your computer.

The turtle mouse is an optical mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel so it has everything you need for everyday use.

Maybe it is time to something fun on your desk so come check out this green turtle mouse.

Mouse House Book

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Mouse House book
OK our desks are full with all kind of gadgets but why does our mouse have to live between all that dirt?

With this book you can make great homes for you computer mouse.

Order you copy of the Mouse House: 5 easy to build homes for your computer mouse today and build your mouse a home.

Computer Mouse T-Shirt

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Computer Mouse T-Shirt

This t-shirt has something we all still use almost everyday a computer mouse.

A nice drawing of a mouse with the wire and the scroll wheel.

And this mouse t-shirt is available in a wide selection of colors and styles for men, women and kids and every geek and nerd of course want a shirt like this. I for sure would like to own one.

Come check out all the options of this Computer Mouse T-Shirt.

iPad Mini Case With Handwarming Plush Mouse

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iPad Mini Case With Handwarming Plush Mouse

OK this is one of the strangest products I seen for a while but it is fun and super cute.

This is a hard case for your iPad mini but that is not all.
The case has connected to it a plush mouse where you can stick you hand in like a puppet so how you can hold you iPad by holding the plush animal.

It of course is fun and keeps you hand warm and it makes it easy to hold your iPad mini without having to worry about loosing it as you hand is securely in the mouse.

You just have to come have a better look at this iPad Mini Case With Handwarming Plush Mouse.

Cat & Mouse Prints

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Cat & Mouse Prints

Cats and mice are most times not friends.

BUT this Magic mouse from Apple has a furry cat friend and they really like to hang around together.

And this scene make the perfect photo for on your wall if you are a geek like me.

And that is why you can get this Cat & Mouse scene as greeting cards, postcards and prints for fun and decoration.

Time to have a better bigger look at these Cat & Mouse Prints.

Wireless Pen Mouse

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Wireless Pen Mouse

A computer mouse is not always the best way of dealing with work.

And holding that mouse for hours on end can lead to all kind of long lasting pains.

But there are more ergonomical option like a pen mouse.

This pen mouse is wireless and comes with a 2.4GHz USB transmitter.

With this pen mouse you can be free like when you are writing or drawing on paper and still offers the same functions as a regular mouse.

And this pen mouse run on PC, Mac and Linux without difficult installations.

So if you want to be free and creative then come check out this Wireless Pen Mouse.

Wooden Wireless Mouse

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Wireless optical mouse made from wood

We tech freak are not so much in touch with nature as everything we use seems to be made out of plastic.

But how about a new mouse that is made out of wood?

This wireless mouse will bring back a piece of nature to your desk.

Now you can have the feel of wood while working with technology.

This is a wireless USB mouse that works on the 2.4ghz frequency and even has a build in rechargeable battery.

Why still go with a plastic mouse when you can go with wood. And this wooden mouse cost less then 20 dollars so even in price it can compete with plastic.

Get back the feeling of nature with this Wooden Optical Wireless Mouse.

Computer Mouse Cufflinks

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Computer Mouse cufflinks

Wearing a suite is one thing you don’t like but you know you can geek it up a bit.

For instance you can get nice cufflinks that look like a computer mouse.
These cufflinks are perfect they even have a fake scroll wheel.

Cufflinks like these are the perfect gift to bribe a geeky nerd to wear a nice suite.

And these cufflinks are have a silver color and an enamel finish making them look really nice and they will last for ever.

Come order your pari of Computer Mouse Cufflinks. 

Retro USB Mouse

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Vintage Retro USB Mouse

The old is new again.

Retro and vintage are the buss words these days. So maybe this is the time to think back of the days that you had those monochrome screens on your old noisy PC.

Of course an old serial mouse with a ball inside would not really work any more on your modern PC or Mac and that is why we found you  this.

This is Retro looking USB mouse but with all the modern features. First off all it is USB and it’s optical and even has a scroll wheel.

Yes making it wireless would be pushing it a little bit to much so you will be like in the olden days be stuck with the wire.

So lets pimp your desk with this Retro USB Mouse.

Jaguar XKR Wireless Mouse

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Jaguar car mouse

The time of boring computer mice that all look the same is definitely over.

If you look at this Jaguar car then you don’t expect it to be a mouse but it is.

This Jaguar is a optical wireless USB mouse with working headlights. And if you don’t like dark blue no problem this Jaguar comes in different colors.

If you are a car nut then don’t wait just come and get your Jaguar Wireless Car Mouse.