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Minecraft Sword Desk Lamp

author Posted by: George on date Jan 24th, 2023 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Now you can get this Minecraft Sword Desk Lamp and have it stand in your room all pretty and cool.

This light is 15.6 inches tall and looks just like a real diamond sword in Minecraft only this one lights up as it is a lamp.

Just imagine having this cool sword sitting on your desk or having it as part of your gaming setup.

I love to play Minecraft and this cool light would just look awesome on my desk making me feel that I al always ready for some time in my word and always ready to kill some hostile mobs.

Stop living in the dark just come and check out this Minecraft Sword Desk Lamp.

2022 Minecraft Wall Calendar With Poster

author Posted by: George on date Jul 5th, 2021 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

2022 Minecraft Wall Calendar With Poster

Make 2022 a great Minecraft with this 2022 Minecraft Wall Calendar With Poster.

This wall calendar is all about Minecraft with a fun image on the top half and the lower half shows a nice calendar grid with plenty of room for notes and major holidays are already filled out for you.

And the calendar also comes with a poster so that you have something fun after 2022 is over.

The calendar has fun images from Steve and many other Minecraft characters so that there is something new to look at every month of the year.

Besides this to be a calendar for 2022 they made it so that you can already use it from September 2021.

Make room on your wall and order your own 2022 Minecraft Wall Calendar With Poster.

Minecraft Painting Tote Bag

author Posted by: George on date Jan 18th, 2021 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Minecraft Painting Tote Bag

Now there is this Minecraft Painting Tote Bag that is a great reusable bag to have if you like Minecraft.

If you are a Minecraft player then you know the picture on the tote bag as it is one of the paintings you can get in the game.

The picture shows burning skull and that may look a bit weird to the average human but all Minecraft players will recognize it and that makes this a great bag to use for shopping, school, gym and more because you may make some friends with other Minecraft players

The Minecraft tote bag is available in different sizes and all have a nice strong carry strap and the design is printed on both sides of the bag.

Stop using single use plastic bags and start using this Minecraft Painting Tote Bag.

2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar

author Posted by: George on date Nov 9th, 2020 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar

Now there is the 2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar for everyone that loves Christmas and Minecraft.

This Advent Calendar is the 2020 edition but can of course be use any year you want to count down to Christmas.

The Minecraft calendar is a nice box with 24 pockets that hide 24 presents of which 12 are mini figures that included things like the famous red Minecraft bed but then decorated for the holidays and there is a Christmas tree to and much more. Beside the figures there are lots of stickers inside it too.

The calendar is rated ages 6+ so if you know a Minecraft fan that likes to know when Christmas is then get them this 2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar.

Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts

author Posted by: George on date Oct 19th, 2020 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts

If your child like Minecraft and swimming then you need theses Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts.

The Minecraft swimwear comes in boys sizes 5 -14 so that lots of kids can enjoy swimming in creeper shorts.

The swim shorts are black with a green drawstring and on the black fabric you can find a small Minecraft logo but lots of face of a Creepers and they are green making it really cool as the green looks great with the black.

I am sure that this fun swimwear is what your child wants so give them a special surprise that could go boom so come get these Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts.

Minecraft Bow Tie

author Posted by: George on date Sep 21st, 2020 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Minecraft Bow Tie

Now there is this fun Minecraft Bow Tie that is just perfect for when you are playing Minecraft or maybe for Halloween.

This bow tie looks like a dirt block from Minecraft so that all gamers that like this block building game will recognize it.

And you don’t need to fold the bow tie yourself as it just connects with an adjustable necks tap with a metal clasp.

So now you are all dress for some Minecraft playing or maybe when you dress up for a wedding or something or maybe you can wear it when you stream on Twitch.

A Minecraft bow tie is just so useful to have so come get yourself a Minecraft Bow Tie.

Minecraft UNO Game

author Posted by: George on date Sep 14th, 2020 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Minecraft UNO Game

Now there is this Minecraft UNO Game that is a great game to play with friends at home or on the go.

UNO is a really famous card game that most people know about and maybe even played and now there is a special Minecraft version with Minecraft themed cards and even some special rules like if you get the Creeper card you get 3 more cards.

You can play this card game with just one or many more friends so now you just need to find a great occasion to play a game so turn of you phone, computer and TV and enjoy this Minecraft UNO Game.

Minecraft Creeper Wrist Watch

author Posted by: George on date Jun 7th, 2020 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Minecraft Creeper Wrist Watch

Now you can get this fun Minecraft Creeper Wrist Watch that is great at telling time all while looking really fun.

The watch has a fun strap with checkered green on it to stay in Creeper style and then on the watch face you can find the head of a Creeper and then there is the buckle that closed the strap where you can find a block of TNT.

And the Minecraft watch strap is adjustable in size so that many of us can wear this fun watch and it even comes in a cool Minecraft box.

So now Minecraft fans young or old can be wearing this fun Minecraft Creeper Wrist Watch.

Minecraft Witch Plush

author Posted by: George on date Feb 20th, 2020 | filed Filed under: Toys

Minecraft Witch Plush

Now you can get this Minecraft Witch Plush that is just like the Witch looks in the game only this time is not throwing potions at you so you will be safe while playing with it or just having him lying around.

This Minecraft plush is 14 inches tall and rated ages 3+ so that young and old can all have a plush character from their favorite game.

As you can see the witch looks just like the real thing and that makes it fun to have and you can have him on your desk while playing Minecraft on your PC or you can have it close on the couch or bed while you are playing your favorite game there.

So if you always wanted a witch then you are in luck so come get this Minecraft Witch Plush.

Minecraft Torch Water Bottle

author Posted by: George on date Dec 28th, 2019 | filed Filed under: Home use

Minecraft Torch Water Bottle

Now you can be hydrated Minecraft style all thanks to this Minecraft Torch Water Bottle.

The water bottle looks like the torch from the Minecraft game only this time you can unscrew the light part of the torch to show the top of the bottle.

A cool water bottle like this is great for kids and adults that like Minecraft and the bottle is made from BPA free break resistant plastic and can hold 22oz or you favorite liquid.

A bottle like this is great for back to school, the gym, work, and at home.

So when ever you want a sip of your favorite drink then you open your Minecraft Torch Water Bottle.