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Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

author Posted by: George on date May 31st, 2021 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Standard key locks are handy but if you want it to be smart then you want to check out this Fingerprint Smart Door Lock.

This lock looks a lot like a keypad smart lock and it is but there is more as the middle is also a fingerprint scanner so you can use your fingers to open the door.

And to make it more interesting you can have many options like giving temporary codes to open the door which makes it perfect for and Air B&B and you can even see on your phone if the door is locked even if you are not home.

And yes it does work with Alexa and things like it.

If you wonder what happens when it stops working, you can simply fold the keypad down to bring you to the way to simply open this lock with a key.

So if you want really smart lock then you want this Fingerprint Smart Door Lock.

Lockable USB Flash Drive

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Lockable USB Flash Drive

If you worry about your data then you have to check out this Lockable USB Flash Drive as it is a flash drive nobody can get to when it is locked inside his housing.

This USB Flash Drive is just like any other thumb drive and it comes in many sizes and the stick does not just have one but two connectors and there are versions with USB A, USB C, and Mirco USB so that you can use it with all our devices.

And then you can put that stick inside a barrel with numbers on it and those numbers turn to lock the drive in place so that nobody can access your drive unless they have the code.

And yes you can set the combination code so that only you know the code to get to your data.

So if you have things to store you don’t want others to see then come get your Lockable USB Flash Drive.

Wall Locked USB Charger

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Wall Locked USB Charger

If you always miss you charger because someone took it then you need this Wall Locked USB Charger.

This set includes a chargers brick and a retractable wire with connecters for your iPhone and Android phone and even USB C and then there is a holder that will look your charger to the wall and that prevent it from being stolen.

This charging set is a great way to make a fixed charging location in your home or the office.

This locked USB charger fill easily connect to any standard North American power socket with a special locked screw that you put in with the special included tool.

No more problems finding your charging wire by owning this Wall Locked USB Charger.

iCharger Lock

author Posted by: George on date Oct 29th, 2015 | filed Filed under: iPhone / iPod Touch

iCharger Lock

Do people “borrow” your iPhone charger all the time and then you have to go try to find it again?

If this happens to you then the iCharger Lock is what you need.

Just slide it over you standard iPhone charger that Apple gives you and secure it to the wall socket it’s extremely easy to install and even secures the charging wire.

Now you never have to worry that someone will quickly take you phone charger without you knowledge as it is secure in place and still just as easy to use as normally.

So if you want to keep your charger in place then come get your iCharger Lock.

Flash Drive Security Lock

author Posted by: George on date Apr 16th, 2011 | filed Filed under: Memory Sticks

3 digit physical lock for you usb device like a flash drive

Yes you could encrypt your flash drive but a physical lock will not only prevent people from using it but they are also less likely to steal it because they already know that they cant get it to work.

This flash drive lock is easy to use just put it over the USB connector and move the number dials to lock and you are save.

Not only is this extremely easy and save it is also extremely cheap with a price of less then 2 dollars you can protect you data.

In theory you can use it to lock other USB connectors as well. For instance put it on your sync cable for you iPhone and nobody can sync it. A great way of control use of curtain devices.

Go have a closer look at this simple security solution. Go look at the USB Flash Drive Security Lock.