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Astronaut On Times Square Laptop Sleeve

author Posted by: George on date Feb 6th, 2018 | filed Filed under: travel

Astronaut On Time Square Laptop Sleeve

If your laptop need a cool bag then you should check out this astronaut on Times Square laptop sleeves.

The laptop sleeve is available for 13 and 15 inch laptops and has a microfibre lining to make sure it does not damage your computer. So now you can have your computer protected when you put it in your backpack or if you just like to take it like that to school or work.

The laptop sleeve shows an astronaut and he is not on the moon but in the middle of New York city as you can see the famous signs from Times Square around him and they are all bright and cool as it seems to be night.

So give your laptop a new home by ordering thisĀ Astronaut On Times Square Laptop Sleeve.

New York Skyline Laptop Sleeve

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New York Skyline Laptop Sleeve

How do you protect your laptop while traveling?

Sure you can dump it in your backpack but then it may get scuff marks or bad scratches.

How about a nice laptop sleeve like this one?

This laptop sleeve comes in 3 sizes for 10, 13 and 15 inch laptops and is made from lightweight neoprene.

And as you can see above this laptop sleeve has a black and white picture of the New York City skyline with right there in the middle the Empire State Building. Not only will your computer be protected when stored in the sleeve this laptop sleeve also makes it look even more cooler then it is.

Come check out thisĀ New York City Skyline Laptop Sleeve.

Hello Kitty I Love Nerds Laptop Case

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Hello Kitty i love nerds laptop sleeve

How much would like to have this laptop sleeve?

I am sure that many of you love this fun Hello Kitty case.

This case is made for the 13″ Macbook and Macbook pro but of course will fit other 13″ laptops as well.
The inside has a plush fur interior to make sure that you laptop will stay save.

On the cover of the laptop case you see a nerdy version of Hello Kitty, a kitty that wears taped up glasses.
And it says Hello Kitty i Love (made by an Apple) Nerds.

And on the back you see an Apple with Hello Kitty written inside it.

Now is the time to protect your laptops with a fun case.

So don’t wait just come and get your Hello Kitty I Love Nerds Laptop Case.

Rocket Sleeve For Macbook Air

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A macbook air sleeve with a Rocket printed on it

The notebook that everybody wants is the Macbook air and now that you got one you of course want to keep it save and away from harm.

A boring cover or case is what you can find anywhere but a nice one is more difficult.

But we found this sleeve with a nice rocket on it.
This sleeve comes in two version one for the 11″ and one for the 13″ Macbook air. The time of generic cases is long gone now you can get a nice sleeve specially made for your computer.

This laptop sleeve is handmade by Rickshaw in San Francisco. And it is water resistant and has protective foam and ultra plush lining to keep your Macbook air safe.

Beside have the rocket on the front side (see picture above) there are more rockets on the back (click picture above to see that) and you have a choice in binding and lining color to make this case even more personal.

Now came the time to get your own Rocket Sleeve For Macbook Air.

Doctor Who Tardis Sleeve For Macbook Air

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Doctor Who Tardis laptop sleeve for the macbook air

So you Macbook Air travels the world with you but an amazing looking machine like the Macbook Air needs an amazing looking sleeve.

The people for Rickshaw are making the perfect sleeve for your Macbook Air.

A sleeve that looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who that is the sleeve a real fan wants and this sleeve will be perfect for your Macbook as it specially designed for it. It comes in two versions like the Macbook Air in 11 or in 13 inch.

And to get the Tardis on a sleeve the Doctor travels to San Francisco where Rickshaw makes every sleeve by hand. And you as the Doctor Who fan can choose the color of the lining and the color of the binging so that your Tardis will be special for you.

If you are a Macbook Air owning Doctor Who fan then stop what you are doing and order this Doctor Who Tardis Macbook Air Sleeve.


Mario Laptop Bag

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Nintendo Super Mario Laptop sleeve

So you got yourself a nice new laptop like a Macbook Air but now how do you keep your new machine looking great while traveling.

Simple just put it in to a laptop bag / sleeve.

This laptop sleeve is an officially licensed Nintendo product and I guess that is why there is a big picture of Marion on it.

On the outside you find Neoprene and the inside of this bag is lined with fleece to keep your notebook in prime condition.

Mario is printed on one side of the bag the other side is just blank but that is perfect for the times that you don’t want to show the world how geeky you are.

Come read all about the size and other stuff about this Marion Laptop Sleeve.