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Portable Lightning Cable Key Chain

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Portable Lightning Cable Key Chain

If you want to have a lightning cable with you where ever you go so that you can charge your iPhone when ever you want then you need this portable lightning cable key chain from Kanex.

The cable is green and fold around a nice holder that also holds the connectors so that it is protected from harm and it comes with a clip so that you can hang you keys on it or you can choose to hang you charging cable on your backpack.

Now you just need a power bank and you are all set to always have power.

So get ready by ordering this Portable Lightning Cable Key Chain.

USB Flash Drive With Build In Flashlight

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USB Flash Drive With Build In Flashlight

Now you can have a flash drive on your key chain that also brings light.

This USB flash drive offers 8GB of storage and a flashlight. The flashlight will recharge so you never have to run out of light again.

And this thumb drive comes with a key chain loop so that you can always have it with your where ever you go.

The 3 inch long flash drive weighs 20 grams and the flashlight can be work up to 5 hours on a single charge witch is perfect for most situations.

Now looking in a computer will be easy as you have light and looking for the lock in the door at night is easy to because the flashlight hangs next to your keys.

Come and check out this USB Flash Drive With Build In Flashlight.

Key Chain Digital Breathalyzer

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Key Chain Digital Breathalyzer

The holiday season is the season of parties and that means more drinking then normal and that can mean that you go over the legal limit and are not allowed to drive any more.

But how do you know you reached the limit?

This key chain can help as it is a digital breathalyzer and this little tool can help you find out if you need to call a cab and helps other on the road to be safer.

It can detect blood alcohol content from 0.00 – 0.40% by using police grade sensor technology.

So if you want to be safe while driving or maybe want to help you friends find out if they should drive then don’t wait and order your own Key Chain Digital Breathalyzer.

Foot KeyChain Flash Drive

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foot key chain flash drive

This keychain is shaped like a foot and has some features.

Not only can it live with you keys and be pretty it is also a bottle opener and a 16GB USB flash drive.

Yes a multifunctional keychain that looks great.

So if you want a flash drive that you always take with you together with a bottle opener then you should check this Foot KeyChain Flash Drive.

Cut The Rope Om Nom Key Chain

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Om Nom key chain

People that know what are fun games to play on your phone know Cut the Rope and the little green monster Om Nom that really likes candies.

Now you can carry around Om Nom all day long as this is a Cut the Rope key chain.

The key chain has two pendants one of Om Nom and one of a candy he likes.

Besides being fun as key chain it also has a little hook that you can use to decorate bags, jackets or even uses as a zipper pull.

Come have a closer look at this Cut The Rope Om Nom Key Chain.

Foldable Flash Drive Keychain

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Foldable Flash Drive Keychain

USB flash drive are something we all deal with in day to day life.

But how often would you have wished that you brought one?

Those days can be a thing from the past by simply getting a USB flash drive like this one.

This USB flash drive is connected to a keychain and will fold out when needed and the folding system is flexible enough so that you keys are not in the way while using the flash drive.

It comes in a range of sizes and cost barely more then a normal flash drive.

So if you want to have room for data then get this Foldable USB Flash Drive Keychain. 

Windows Phone 7 KeyChain

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Windows Phone 7 KeyChain

OK so you are a Windows phone user and you feel kinda lonely as most people choose for Android or iPhone’s.

But to make you feel a little bit more happy we thought that we would show you this keychain.

The metal keychain has a special Windows Phone 7 picture on it and you know when there is merchandise for it then it has to be amazing.

Come check out this Windows Phone 7 Keychain.

eGear Jolt USB Mini Flashlight

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eGear Jolt USB Mini Flashlight

Carrying around your own personal flashlight when ever you need it, that is what you want.

This eGear Jolt flashlight is small and perfect for on a keychain and will give up to 2 hours of light.

And the good thing is this flashlight does not need batteries as you can just charge it through any normal USB port.

Just plug it in and you can use the flashlight in minutes.

Beside being on all the time this flashlight also offers a blink mode.

And not only does this USB flashlight come in black it is also available in light blue, green and red.

So now is the time to get ready for the dark with this eGear Jolt USB Mini Flashlight.

BMW Flash Drive Keychain

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BMW USB Flash Drive Keychain

Having a USB flash drive on your keychain can be smart because you carry around your important data close to your all the time.
But those drives are often so ugly.

Now you can have a BMW logo keychain that has a retractable USB flash drive build in.
So normally this looks like an amazing BMW keychain but when needed it turns in to a USB storage device.

Come check out this useful BMW USB Flash Drive Keychain. 

Nintendo Classic Controller Keychain

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Nintendo classic controller keychain

If you are the gaming type then you know what this is 🙂

Yep the Nintendo classic controller on witch we all played a bunch of games.

Now you can have a keychain based on this famous controller from Nintendo.

This is an official licensed Nintendo product. And this keychain is made of rubber so it is flexible and doesn’t hurt you when in you pockets with your keys.

If you are a true gamer then you can’t live without this Nintendo Classic Controller Keychain.