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Key Shaped USB Flash Drive

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Key Shaped USB Flash Drive

If you want a fun USB thumb drive and you like keys then you should check out this key shaped USB flash drive as it is amazing looking and useful.

The metal flash drive has a coper color and where normally you find the key part that goes in a door lock you now find a USB connector and besides that it looks like a fun key with a heart on top top and the flash drive part.

You can get this fun flash drive in different storage sizes going from 8 up to 64 gb so that you can get the storage stick you really need for you storage needs.

So if you need fun storage then come see this Key Shaped USB Flash Drive.

Keyboard Key Storage Box

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Keyboard Key Storage Box


Why get a boring box to store things in?

If you are a bit geeky like me then you are gone love this key that is a storage box.

Yes it looks like a big key from a keyboard and it has the @ sign on it but inside there plenty of room for you gadgets, wires and many other things.

So if you want to clean up you desk then lets store stuff in this Keyboard Key Storage Box.

Computer Keys Bottle Stopper

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Computer Keys Bottle Stopper

Drinking a glass of wine is one thing but finishing the bottle is a totally different thing to do.

But not worries we found a geeky solution to keep the wine fresh and secure in the bottle and still look geeky on the outside.

Bottle stops in the shape of computer keys. They come in a set of 3 and each key has a different message. They can say End, Esc or Save and look just like a regular key from your keyboard. And  they fit perfectly in a wine bottle.

So if you need bottle stops then check out this set of Computer Keys Bottle Stopper.

Windows Phone 7 KeyChain

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Windows Phone 7 KeyChain

OK so you are a Windows phone user and you feel kinda lonely as most people choose for Android or iPhone’s.

But to make you feel a little bit more happy we thought that we would show you this keychain.

The metal keychain has a special Windows Phone 7 picture on it and you know when there is merchandise for it then it has to be amazing.

Come check out this Windows Phone 7 Keychain.

ESC Key T-Shirt

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Escape key T-shirt Esc

This is just a simple t-shirt showing an Esc key.

Or is it?

It could be a portal to another life, a portal to escape from here.

Any how I don’t know the answer but I am sure you would like to try.

If you want to try then i am gone tell you that this t-shirt comes in sizes small to 3xl.

Try to escape with this Esc Key T-Shirt.

Robot Key Covers

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Cool Robot key caps for two keys

Are you keys oh so boring?
Why not make them look great. This set of two robot key caps turns you keys in to real robots.
Check out these Robot Key Covers.

USB Key T-Shirt

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A usb key on a woman's shirt

What better way to start the year then with a woman wearing this shirt that shows the USB key to her heart.

I like the simple design of this shirt how it is so empty and still has so much on it.

I would say get your wife, girlfriend, officemate or who every you want one of these cool USB key T-shirts.