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Battery Ice Cube Tray

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Battery Ice Cube Tray

Just regular ice cubes are just way to boring for geeks like us.

And that is why these ice cubes will bring some power to your life.

This ice cube tray will make 3d battery shaped ice cubes and the batteries it makes are in different sizes like AA and 9V and more to make it even more fun.

So if you want ice in the shape of batteries then come get your Battery Ice Cube Tray.

Robot Ice Cube Tray

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robot ice cube tray

Get your drinks cooled by robots.

This ice cube tray make the cutes ice robots that love to chill your drink.

Each tray makes 4 robots and 4 robots keys every time you fill it.

And the robots are fun to have in your geeky drinks on a warm day.

Come check out these fun Robot Ice Cube Tray.

Space Invaders Icecube Tray

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If you are planning a geeky party then this is what you need. A Space Invaders Ice Cube tray so that you party ice looks better then anybody elses Ice.

Now you can make you own great looking Cubes that would look great in your glass.

Maybe make special cubes with a flavor to make it even more exiting.

Order your Space Invaders Icecube Tray today and getting quick.