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Eye Mask With Build In Headphones

author Posted by: George on date Jan 27th, 2020 | filed Filed under: Music

Eye Mask With Build In Headphones

Now there is this Eye Mask With Build In Headphones that is made to make you enjoy music while trying to relax.

If you like to meditate, nap, sleep at home, sleep on a plane, and many other place then this eye mask is just perfect as it is comfy to wear and blocks out light and it also has bluetooth headphones build in so that you can enjoy your tunes while being in the dark.

And this eye mask comes with a charging cord and storage bag and that means you are all ready for a trip.

I am sure you have a great use for this eye mask so come check out this Eye Mask With Build In Headphones.

Angry Birds Retractable Headphones

author Posted by: George on date Jan 8th, 2012 | filed Filed under: Music

Angry Birds Black Bird earbuds

Who is that Black Bird?

Oh it’s one of the Angry Birds and this Angry Bird takes care of earbuds.

This is a retractable headphone with the black bird keeping your wires untangled.

A great way of making your headphones look fun and themed based on Angry Birds and a great way to store you headphones.

No more loose wires with knots no just the wire you need.

And of course this set of headphones will get your music to you the way you want. Nice and comfortable earbuds will make your music comes out like it is suppose to.

Don’t wait just get this Angry Birds Black Bird Retractable Headphones.

Samsung HM3700 Bluetooth Headset

author Posted by: George on date Dec 23rd, 2011 | filed Filed under: VOIP / Phones

Samsung Bluetooth headset and headphones

These little bluetooth headsets are handy when driving around as now you can talk on the phone without having to hold the phone.

But besides being a handy tool for making calls hand free these headsets are not very useful.

First of all they are mono and secondly most of them don’t even let you stream music to them.

But Samsung found a solution.

The Samsung HM3700 headset is just like any other earpiece headset with bluetooth. Great for calling and mono. But now you can plug in a pair of headphones through the 3.5mm headphone jack. You even get a pair of headphones with it.

So now you can listen to music while on you phone is not connected to any wires.

This is handy as now you have less problems with wires and you can make hand free calls.

Come see what others think of these Samsung HM3700 Stereo Bluetooth Headset.

1UP Dust Plug

author Posted by: George on date Nov 10th, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch

1up earphones jack dust plug

Not so long ago cell phones had places where you could hang charms on but with phones like the iPhone those days seem to be long gone.

But how do we make our phones more fun now?

Simple get a dust plug.

A dust plug is just a piece of plastic that looks like the plug from your headphones and fit perfectly in you headphones jack and on top of those dust plugs you can have some fun things.

This dust plug has 1up on it and now you phone or mp3 player will have 1up staring at you. Not only does you phone now more fun it also keeps dirt out of your headphones jack.

Come have a closer look at this 1up Dust Plug.

USB To 3.5mm Audio Stereo Microphone Adapter

author Posted by: George on date Feb 16th, 2011 | filed Filed under: Cables, Music

Now you can connect your headphones or microphone to your usb port with this little converter

This little plug makes converts 3.5mm audio plug to USB so now you are able to plug in your headphones or microphone to your USB port.

This little plug is ideal because now you can decide where you audio port is. This plug supports both audio and microphone and that makes it possible to use the iPhone headphones with build in microphone.

You see a very useful tool go get your USB to 3.5mm Converter Plug.

SleepPhones Headphones

author Posted by: George on date Feb 2nd, 2011 | filed Filed under: Music

SleepPhones are the solution for a good night sleep. Now you can wear these SleepPhone headphones and have some relaxing music or white noise playing while you fall a sleep. No problem with your partner snoring and no problem of earbuds falling out or hurting you.

The SleepPhones Headphones have the speakers build in the band so that they are always where you want them. And you can even use the SleepPhones as eye mask.

Just wear the SleepPhones all night and then your alarm can wake you through the SleepPhones.

Go get a good night sleep and order your own SleepPhones Headphones.

Rocketfish Bluetooth Stereo Headset

author Posted by: George on date Oct 24th, 2010 | filed Filed under: Music

A couple of months ago I got so sick of wires from my headphones that i started the quest for some reasonable priced bluetooth headphones.

It is difficult to find anything in stores and if they have something then there is no real choice because they maybe just have the one kind.

But after a long search i ran into these headphones from Rocketfish the price was just under $70 dollars and although that is more then i would have liked to spend it seemed to be one of the cheaper once.

The headphones come with a usb cable and charging plug and that is all you need.

Just charge them and wait till the light turns blue and you are good to go. I use this headset daily for walking or running and the battery life is great i normally need to charge them every 2.5 to 3 weeks and to me that is fine. One thing i don’t like is that it doesn’t really warn you when they are gone run dry. OK they do but only like 5 minutes before and when i am in the middle of a run that doesn’t help me much.

The ear pieces slide nicely over my ears and stay in place nicely even when running they don’t move. I can even wear my sunglasses with them although i can imagine that this would look pretty funny 🙂

The Rocketfish RF-MAB2 also has a build in microphone so you can use it to do handfree calling and ok i tried  it and it works but i never really used it so that is all i am gone say about that.

I use this headset with my iPhone 3G and pairing is real easy and if you do it once you never really have to do it again. Apple doesn’t support all the buttons on the Rocketfish headset but the once for vollume and to pause work fine but no next and previous tracks sorry, it would have bin nice but Apple does not support that so it won’t work on any bluetooth headset.

So these headphones work great and offer great sound on a rare occasion maybe once a week the sounds start stuttering a bit and although it would be great if that didn’t happen it does so i live with it. The solution is pretty simple turn my bluetooth on my iphone of and on and i am good to go.

My final verdict about the Rocketfish RF-MAB2 Bluetooth Headphones is that i would not want to live without them any more. It is so much better to listen to my music without having to deal with wires getting stuck. The sound quality and battery life are great so this works fine for me.

If you are thinking about some Bluetooth headphones i would say have a look at the Rocketfish RF-MAB2 Bluetooth headphones.

Belking RockStar 5-Way Headphone Splitter

author Posted by: George on date Mar 7th, 2010 | filed Filed under: Music

If you have lots of friends that you want to share your music with then we found the coolest gadget for you.

The Belkin RockStar will let you share you headphone port of your mp3 player with 5 people now you can all chill out on the couch at a coffee shop and enjoy the same music.

Go check out the Belkin RockStar 5-Way 3.5-mm Headphone Splitter

Headphone Beanie Hat

author Posted by: George on date Nov 28th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Music, travel

Winter is getting ready and so should we. Now there are some really nice hats out with build in headphones.

You can now walk around with a great hat (3 designs) without having to worry how your music is gone sound with your standard headphones.

The earpieces in the Beanie Hat are easy to adjust so that they will be right where you want them.

Go check out all cool designs of the Headphone Hat.