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Pumpkin Pac Man Inflatable

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Pumpkin Pac Man Inflatable

How about a little bit more geeky law decorations this Halloween?

You can go for a Pac Man theme with this inflatable.

The inflatable is 8 feet long and shows a pumpkin Pac Man and 3 ghosts and the ghost hold up a sign that says “Trick or Treat”.

Just plug Pac Man in and it will inflate itself and the light will come on to.

Just imagine this fun outdoor inflatable on your lawn. It’s not scary so the smaller kids will be happy and it’s fun because who doesn’t like Pac Man.

Come and get ready for Halloween with this Pumpkin Pac Man Inflatable.

Game Console Women’s Dress

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Game Console Women's Dress

If you want to look like a sexy game console then this is the dress is perfect for you.

This bodycon style dress is form fitting and does not have any sleeves.

But on this dress you can see a screen with the message “Game Over” and below that all the buttons you need to get the game started.

And this game console dress comes in many colors. We showed you the orange on the picture but it also comes in white, green, purple, yellow, dark and light blue.

So if you just want a fun dress to game in or a costume for a geeky dress up party then you need this Game Console Women’s Dress.

Toddler Robot Costume

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Toddler Robot Costume

You just have to admit that his robot costume is just super cute.

And sorry adults this costume is only available for the little once.

The robot costume is grey and box like and it’s soft and easy to wear and before you know it your kid wants to be the robot all day long.

Besides the grey the body of the robot has a light blue neck tie and on top of the head piece you can find some eyes and a light blue pom pom antenna.

Halloween will be a hit when you dress up your kid in this Toddler Robot Halloween Costume.

Women’s Interactive Tetris Costume Dress

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Women's Interactive Tetris Costume Dress

Are you looking for a geeky Halloween dress that may get those nerdy boys to pay more attention to you?

You are in luck. This tank top style dress is black but also has some Tetris pieces on it and that is not all.

The dress comes with loose fabric blocks (one of each) that stick to the dress and that makes this a interactive dress. Now you can invite people to come play Tetris on your dress.

And besides the dress this Halloween costume also includes a headpiece that says “Lets Play” and also has some Tetris piece on it.

Halloween will be super fun this year just because of this Women’s Interactive Tetris Costume Dress.

USB Port And Stick Costume

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USB Port And Stick Costume

If you are wondering what you as geeky couple should wear to the next Halloween or costume party then you are in luck.

This couples costume is a USB Port dress for the girl and a USB stick for the guy so now you can be the geekiest couple at the party but who cares tech geeks will always be this way.

The costumes come as set so that you are set to go party.

Come check out this Couples USB Port And USB Stick Costume.

Robot In Pumpkin T-Shirt

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Robot In a Pumpkin T-Shirt

Robots like Halloween to and this robot is trying to do some pumpkin carving.

Unfortunately he is not very good at it. But we get to see a robot stuck inside a pumpkin.

And you can get this fun Halloween t-shirt for yourself or anyone else in your family as the shirt comes in a bunch of kids and adults styles, colors and sizes.

So get ready for Halloween with you own Pumpkin Robot T-Shirt.

Angry Birds Red Bird Kids Costume

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Angry Birds Red Bird Costume

Of course everybody wants to be an Angry Bird and with this costume of Red Bird you are one step closer to reaching your goal.

This kids costume fits kids ages 8 – 14 and makes them look like Red Bird just by placing the costume over their head. You have to supply your own pants and shoes as those are not included.

And if you want to be a different Angry Birds character then those costumes area available to and they even have adult sizes.

Come and check out this Angry Birds Red Bird Costume.

Pac Man Plush Hat

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Pac Man fun hat / mask

If you always wanted to be Pac Man then this is the closest you ever came.

This is a plush hat that looks just like Pac Man. This is great for Halloween or just for winter as it will keep you nice and warm to.

It could be that people will stare at your as they can’t really see you face any more but who cares you are Pac Man.

Check out a closer look at this Pac Man Plush Hat.