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Google Nexus 7 Case

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Google Nexus 7 Case

So you got a nice 7 inch tablet made by Asus the Google Nexus 7 but how to you protect it from harm?

A case or cover would be perfect and that is what we found you.

This PU leather cover is black and one side slides over you tablet and then you have a book like cover that can also be used as a stand so that you can watch video or something like that while the tablet is standing securely.

So if you are looking for a case for your Nexus 7 then come check out this Nexus 7 Flip Case.

Google Android Skateboard

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A Skateboard with Google androids all over it

A geek with a skateboard deserves a special skateboard.

How about this Google Androids skateboard.

This skateboard is covered in colorful Androids just like Google uses in there Android logo.

And this skateboard is available in different deck styles so that you can have the skateboard style you want.
You can get this skateboard just as a deck or including trucks and wheels.

Come check out all the options of this Android Skateboard. 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Barley There Case

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Samsung Galaxy nexus barely there case

So you got the latest Google phone. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus but how do you protect your phone from harm?

Or maybe a better question would be how to you prevent your ice-cream sandwich from melting 😉

Our friends at Case-Mate of course have the perfect case for your Galaxy Nexus.

This case comes in black and pink and is a extremely slim profile case to make you phone be a phone and still look good.

You can get this Samsung case for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and it comes with free shipping in the US and this case comes directly from Case-Mate so you know you get a case that works perfect for your phone.

Time to protect your Nexus with this Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy Nexus Barely There Cases.

The Hungry Android T-Shirt

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Hungry Google android on a funny t-shirt

Androids get hungry to and as you can see on this t-shirt they don’t really follow a healthy diet.

This Android loves it’s eclairs, cupcakes, donuts, frozen yoghurt and gingerbread men. Lets hope  we can convince him to eat a bit more healthy in the future. Maybe we can get this android to eat an Apple or so because if not then it will attract so much bloat ware.

Any how get ready to feed the Android by wearing this  Hungry Android T-Shirt.

Google Android Mousepad

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There are two kind of people one the once that like Android and the once that don’t.

So if you like Android maybe you should make that clear to the people around you by getting a mousepad that says so.

Go get your Google Android Mousepad before you switch!