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Video Game Controller Cufflinks

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Video Game Controller Cufflinks

If you know a gamer that needs to dress up then this pair of cufflinks would be just perfect.

The cufflinks look a lot like the Playstation controller and are hand painted.

Now even going to a boring dress up occasion will be fun because you keep your shirt sleeves closed thanks to these cufflinks.

And these video game controller cufflinks are also great as a present as they come in a great looking gift box so that you can surprise your gaming loved one with these cool cufflinks.

Come and take a closer look at these Video Game Controller Cufflinks.

Retro Robot Cufflinks

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Retro Robot Cufflinks

Wearing fancy suits and shirts is not my favorite thing to do.

And when I was still a kid I demanded a cool necktie from my parents and they ended up finding an IBM one that of course was cool for the geeky me.

Now my ties are more boring but my cufflinks are cool. And today I found these fun little robot cufflinks that are perfect.

The don’t look like modern robots but more like the retro kind and that makes them even more desirable.

And these robot cufflinks even come in a nice storage box making them the perfect gift for a geek like me.

If you want cool cufflinks then you have to check out these Retro Robot Cufflinks.


Flash Drive Cufflinks

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Flash Drive Cufflinks


If you suite up you never forget your flash drive because they are build into these cufflinks.

This set of cufflinks have gunmetal finish and each cufflink has a flash drive of 2gb build in.

So you can have 4gb of data with you at any time and that should be enough for all the important files you need.

Quality cufflinks are a nice thing to have and if they have storage build in then that should be a geeks dream.

Come and check out for yourself how these cufflinks look. Come get your Flash Drive Cufflinks.

Angry Birds Pig Cufflinks

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Angry Birds Pig Cufflinks

Green cufflinks that is something way more fun then boring plain metal colored  cufflinks.

And these cufflinks are not just green no the looks like the pigs from the Angry Birds game. Each cufflinks has the face of a green pig on it.

So now you suite becomes part of you gaming habits.

Come check out these fun green Angry Birds Pig Cufflinks.

Like Button Cufflinks

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Facebook like button cufflinks

With Facebook going to the stock exchange all those suits that are making money on them need some nice cufflinks to celebrate that.

And so now there are like button cufflinks.

Of course if you are not making money on but like things then these can still be super fun when you wear a nice shirt or suit.

The Facebook like button cufflinks are made out of stainless steel so they will last you a lifetime.

Don’t forget to like this post and then order your own Facebook Like Button Cufflinks.

Tux Linux Penguin Cufflinks

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Tux the Linux Penguin logo now as Cufflinks

There is Tux the adorable penguin that is the face of Linux.

Now you can have this fun Linux logo as cufflinks.

These are handcrafted sterling silver cufflinks with and amazing details of the Penguin.

Why wear boring cufflinks when you can have something that is YOU.

Come see how these cufflinks would look at your. Come see the Tux Linux Penguin Cufflinks.

Laptop Cufflinks

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Notebook computer cufflinks


So you wear a suit to work but you feel not geeky enough.

No worries now you can have laptop cufflinks they look like a portable computer with everything you expect a screen and a keyboard.

These cufflinks come in a nice storage box to keep your laptop cufflinks save from computer viruses when not in use.

If you need to dress up but still want to show the world that you care more about computer then come and check out these Laptop Computer Cufflinks.

Computer Mouse Cufflinks

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Computer Mouse cufflinks

Wearing a suite is one thing you don’t like but you know you can geek it up a bit.

For instance you can get nice cufflinks that look like a computer mouse.
These cufflinks are perfect they even have a fake scroll wheel.

Cufflinks like these are the perfect gift to bribe a geeky nerd to wear a nice suite.

And these cufflinks are have a silver color and an enamel finish making them look really nice and they will last for ever.

Come order your pari of Computer Mouse Cufflinks. 

Apple Cufflinks

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Apple Mac cufflinks

Apple lovers use suites to and that means that a nice cufflink would be great.

How about this set of Apple cufflinks. This set shows a nice Apple and is a great quality product witch is great for everyday use.

So if you are an Apple fan boy then just go get your Apple Cufflinks.

USB Storage Cufflinks

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Silver USB Cufflinks

We geeks and nerds like to be James Bond and now we can be a little bit more like him. These cool looking silver cufflinks are not just cufflinks. No in this set of 2 cufflinks one of them contains a 2GB USB Flashdrive and that means now you can hide your data far away from the enemy who of course does want to see those party pictures from last Friday night.

So if you want a to be a little bit more 007 then you are now you just have to go see these Silver USB Cufflinks.