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Alarm Clock With Claw Game

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Alarm Clock With Claw Game

Now you can get this really special Alarm Clock With Claw Game.

Yes, this can be your alarm clock while also be a fun claw game so that it can keep you busy when you can’t sleep.

And the claw game comes with prices and even come with coins to get the machine running.

Having this claw game on your nightstand will be just amazing because it just looks so cool and that it can wake you in the morning is a great feature.

So if you want your own claw game and getting up in time then come get your Alarm Clock With Claw Game.

Modern Alarm Clock With USB Charging

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Modern Alarm Clock With USB Charging

Now when you sleep your devices can be charged all thanks to this Modern Alarm Clock With USB Charging.

The alarm clock is nice and black with big red numbers and there is an build in sensor that can adjust the brightness automatically if you want. Also there are two USB ports that can charge your devices while you are sleeping. There is 2.1 amp available for charging so that everything will be topped up while you sleep.

There is also a big snooze button on the top to making turning your alarm off easy.

Come and get your Modern Alarm Clock With USB Charging.

Wooden Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging

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Wooden Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging

If you want an easy way to charge your phone at night then you should check out this wooden alarm clock with wireless charging build in.

The alarm clock looks like really wood and comes in different colors to fit your decor and on the front it shows the time and the room temperature and you can get the display go off to make your room really dark at night.

And then there is the top of the alarm clock as that is where you can put you iPhone or other phones that support Qi wireless charging.

Give your phone a place to sleep at night right next to you on the night stand on top of this wooden Alarm Clock.

Robot Clock And Flash Drive

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Robot Clock And Flash Drive

If you like robots then there is no reason why you should get a boring USB flash drive.

This little robot clock is also a USB flash drive.

The robot has a little loop above it’s head to attach it to a bag, keychain or necklace and on it’s belly the robot has a little clock surrounded by rhinestones.

And when you push the slider on the back down there will be a USB plug showing up from behind his feet.

The flash drive is 8GB and USB 2.0.

So extend your robot collection with this Robot Clock And Flash Drive.

Shoot At Alarm Clock

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Shoot at clock alarm

Alarm clocks are the worst thing of the morning because nobody wants to be rudely awakened from their wonderful dreams.

This alarm clock makes it more fun to wake up.

Not only can you use this clock as any normal alarm clock but this one is special.

In the clock is a build in target that comes up when it is time to get up and then you get the gun and shoot at the target to make the alarm stop.

So if you like to shoot things and don’t like to get up in the morning then you found you match.

Come check out this fun Shoot At Alarm Clock.

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper Clock

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The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper wall Clock

How about a fun clock that is not round?

This clock is square and actually 10.5″ x 10.5″ and can be used as a desk clock with the build in stand or as a wall clock by hanging it to the wall 😉

On the clock you find 12 pictures of Sheldon Cooper all wearing one of his famous t-shirts that you see on the TV. In the middle surrounded by all this photo’s you find a clock.

So if you like The Big Bang Theory then this could be the clock for you as a square clock of course is so much better then a round one.

Come have a closer look at this The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper Clock.

Potato Clock

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build you own potato clock

Want to off the grid with your clock or want to teach your kids about electricity then this is what you want.

The potato clock kit has almost everything you need to make a working potato clock. Everything from wires and LCD display is included the only thing you need are the potatoes.

Fun for a science project or just to see the time on your desk come get your Potato Clock.

Robot Clock Flash Drive

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Robot USB flash drive with a clock and a compass

If you want a robot that can do things then this one could be yours.

This little robot is a keychain so you can carry it with you everywhere and besides being a nice cute keychain it is also a clock and a compass and even has a build in flash drive.

So now you know where to go and what time you need to be there and have your important files to.

This little robot is not only really useful it also looks fun with big shoes and red rhinestones as hands this is almost a piece of jewelry.

The USB flash drive slides out of the robots head on top and that of course makes the robot smart with all that memory in it’s head.

You just have to see this robot and all it’s features up close so don’t wait come check out this Robot Compass, Clock, USB Flash Drive, Keychain.

Googly Eye Clock

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Googly eyes clock

Why get on a boring old clock to tell you time when you could have some freaky eyes doing the same thing.

This goggly eye clock is basically two eyes telling time. One eye tells the hour and the other the minutes.

You wonder how it tells time. Simple it looks at the time so the clock on the picture says 11.20 to me.

But it is kinda freaking to see those eye stare at you.

Time to tell time with the Googly Eye Clock.

Angry Birds Alarm Clock

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Red Angry Birds alarm clock

Angry Birds are hot and you see them everywhere.

And now a red Angry Bird can be the first thing you see in the morning.

This alarm clock has the red bird from Angry Birds sticking out of the top.
On the face plate you will again see this big red bird and some of the other Angry Birds.

If you like Angry Birds or know someone who does then this could be the perfect buy.
The price is just below 5 dollars and this includes world wide shipping.

Get ready to give some Angry Birds with this cool Angry Birds Alarm Clock.