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Circuit Board Puzzle

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Circuit Board Puzzle

Now you can get this Circuit Board Puzzle that is just perfect for anyone that like electronics and would like something todo.

This jigsaw puzzle is available in different sizes from 30 – 1000 pieces so that there is the perfect puzzle for your experience level and each puzzle comes in a nice metal tin with the a picture of the puzzle on top.

As you can see the jigsaw puzzle shows a piece of a circuit board and it does look like a fun project that could be tricky to make as it has a lots of similar items on the puzzle all in the same color too.

So lets get puzzling by ordering your Circuit Board Puzzle.

Circuit Board Face Mask

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Circuit Board Face Mask

Now you can be wearing this Circuit Board Face Mask that is a great way to stay safe while looking cool.

We all know that we need to have a face mask ready to wear it when you are out and about and that is why it will be fun to have this mask instead of a plain colored one.

The face mask is one size fits most adults and is not medical grade but great for traveling around town and anywhere else a normal person is needed to wear a mask.

And this mask has a circuit board printed on it and that is great if you like technology.

Come get your Circuit Board Face Mask.

Women’s Circuit Board Scarf

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Women's Circuit Board Scarf

Now you can have a cool scarf that still shows off you geeky side.

This women’s scarf is blue-green in color and has the print of a circuit board on it and that makes it just perfect for any women that likes tech and want a cool scarf.

The scarf is made from 100% polyester but feels like silk.

You can use the scarf the way you like or maybe even use it as a wrap.

Come have a closer look at all the options of this Women’s Circuit Board Scarf.

Yellow Circuit Board Leggings

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Yellow Circuit Board Leggings

Now you can wear leggings that show that you like tech stuff as the leggings have a circuit board on it.

The circuit board is dark but the silver and yellow details make them really look amazing.

And these geeky leggings look cool and are available in many women’s sizes ranging from size 0 going all the way to 16 and these leggings are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex so that they feel great on your skin and have a nice stretch too.

So now you can have some cool legwear that you won’t likely find in a store.

Come and have closer look at these Yellow Circuit Board Leggings.

Blue Circuit Board Power Bank

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OrigAudio Blue Circuit Board 10400 mAh Power Bank

If you are looking for the perfect external battery pack you can take with you on the go then come checkout this power bank from OrigAudio.

This power bank has a capacity of 10400 mAh and has 3 port to charge from so that you phone, iPad and something else can charge at the same time. The OrigAudio power bank has 3.1 amp witch will help with quickly charging you device.

You can get this power bank in black or white and has a picture of a blue colored circuitboard on top to make it look geeky and cool at the same time.

Come check out the OrigAudio Blue Circuit Board 10400 mAh Power Bank.

System Board Leggings

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System Board Leggings

If you want a pair of tech leggings then these would be perfect.

The black leggings have a system board printed on it and yes of course the design covers both front and back.

When you wear these geeky leggings the world will know that you are in to tech and even on a component level.

These women’s leggings are made from 82% polyester and 18% elastane to make them follow your bodies curves. You can get these mainboard leggings in sizes XXS – XL and they do have a tech waistband so that it just fits right.

Come and take a closer look at these Tech Savvy Leggings.

Circuit Board Lunch Box

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Yubo Circuit Board Lunch Box

Are you a tech geek in need of a fun useful lunch box?

This lunch box from Yubo could be perfect for you.

The lunch box is available in different side and handle colors and all have a front and back plate that looks like a circuit board.

Inside this geeky looking lunch box you will find and ice pack, sandwich box and two snack boxes and more accessories are available to make this the lunch box you really want.

And this lunch box is easy to clean to because everything except the circuit board face plates can go in the dishwasher.

Stop buying lunch at work just take you lunch in this Circuit Board Lunch Box.

Circuit Board Washi Tape

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Computer Circuit Board Washi Tape

Packing a present for a geek? Or just like to decorate things the geek way?

This Washi tape is the role to get.

The tape is green and on it you can find a circuit board pattern.

Just imagine everything you can do with this fun looking tape. Use it to decorate boring binders, journals and things like that.

The options are limitless and luckily this circuit board tape is 15mm wide and 10 meter long so that you have plenty for all your projects.

Do not wait any longer and just come and order your role of Circuit Board Washi Tape.

Circuit Board Can And Bottle Koozie

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Circuit Board Can And Bottle Koozie

Cold drinks are nice but the down side is they don’t stay cool and your hands get cold when you drink them.

Now there is a solution for both problems and that is a can and bottle koozie.

And this koozie has a design of a circuit board on it making it extra geeky and that means better.

The fun design also hides what you are drinking.

Wow all those features in a small piece.

Come and take a better look at this Circuit Board Can And Bottle Koozie.

Circuit Board Baby Bib

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Circuit Board Baby Bib

We all know that kids love to spit and spill their food and and for that they make bib’s.

This baby bib is for a future tech geek as it has a print of a circuit board on it.

This bib is made from absorbent polyester fleece and has a velcro closure for easy use.

You can’t start young enough so start showing your little one some computer pats and that they fit on a circuit board that is printed on it’s favorite bib.

Make your baby happy with this Circuit Board Baby Bib.