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Photo Cube iPhone Printer

author Posted by: George on date Aug 24th, 2011 | filed Filed under: iPhone / iPod Touch

Photo cube iphone printer

Cell phones are being used more and more for taking pictures but what do we do with those pictures.

How about printing them?

The Photo Cube does exactly that.

Just put your iPhone or iPod touch on top or connect you Android phone with a USB cable and you are ready to print those last party pictures.

The photo’s will be printed at 300 dpi at 4 by 6 inch and will look amazing like if you have a real photo in your hand.

Tech geeks just have to have a better look at the Photo Cube iPhone Photo Printer.

Phone Holder

author Posted by: George on date Jul 25th, 2011 | filed Filed under: travel

mount you phone in your car where ever you want it to be

Now you get the flexibility you want with this phone holder with a 15″ flexible arm.

Just connect the holder to the car (for instance to the floor) and you can adjust the arm so that you can have your phone or other devises exactly where you want them.

The universal holder is great compared to one specially made for your phone because now you can keep your phone in it’s case.

If you want a perfect solution for holding you phone while driving then you just have to get this Arkon 15-Inch Mount for Mobile Phones.

Darth Vader Bluetooth Headset

author Posted by: George on date Jul 7th, 2011 | filed Filed under: travel

Star Wars Darth Vader Bluetooth headset

A Star Wars fan from now on will only be on the phone because now he can use a Darth Vader bluetooth headset. This headset will make calling handsfree from your cell phone a lot easier.

And this headset of Darth Vader comes with it’s own lanyard so that you can carry it around all day long. With the standby time of 120 hours and talk time of 5 hours it’s almost impossible not to use it all the time you need to use you phone.

And to make it even more fun this Star Wars headset is even video game compatible.

So complete your Star Wars collection with the Darth Vader Bluetooth Headset.

Bubble Gum Phone Stand

author Posted by: George on date May 22nd, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, iPhone / iPod Touch

iStuck bubble gum cell phone stand

Doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android or any other smart phone the iStuck bubble gum stand will get you phone in the right angle for watching.

It looks like a nice used piece of gum but no that is not all because this piece is just the perfect stand that looks great and does not smell like real sweet fruits.

If you like a stand for you next trip or just at home then you have to check out the iStuck Bubble Gum Stand.

Belkin Conserve Valet Charging Station

author Posted by: George on date Mar 17th, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Cables

Belkin conserve Valet charging station will save energy and organizes you chargers.

This charging station from Belkin is the ideal way of getting all your gadgets charged.

Belkin designed this device so that now you only need one power cord to charge up to 4 devices at the same time. Just plug the usb cords in the unit and organize the wire in it so that now a small piece of wire comes out to your device and there you go.

Now all your devices are always at the same spot so you don’t forget where you left it and they will be always charged.

AND the Belkin Conserve Valet also save you energy because after 4.5 hours of charging it shuts the charging off. And 4.5 hours is more then enough for a modern device so no more trickle charge going on and on raising your electrical bill.

Go have a closer look at all the info and pictures of the Belkin Conserve Valet Charging Station.

Wrist Charger for all your gadgets

author Posted by: George on date Mar 15th, 2010 | filed Filed under: travel

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Running out of power on your gadgets all the time?

No worries when you have this wristband. It has a build in battery that you can charge at home and then will carry enough power to give you way longer talk and text time on your cell phone or way longer time playing you video games.

Go check out the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger and see what it can do for you.

Tiny Bluetooth USB Adapter Dongle

author Posted by: George on date Jan 13th, 2010 | filed Filed under: Networking, VOIP / Phones

Bluetooth the small way

You good old PC does not offer Bluetooth? really a well no worries this Tiny USB Dongle will help you out and for less the $3 it will not break the bank either.

We all know Bluetooth USB adapters and often they big ugly and useless, but not this one. It is small and useful. It is compliant with Bluetooth V2.0 and V1.2 and about 3 times faster then the old Bluetooth V1.2 adapters.

Go check out this Tiny Bluetooth USB Adapter Dongle and see how small it really is!

Doctor Who Cell phone Alert charms

author Posted by: George on date Jan 4th, 2010 | filed Filed under: VOIP / Phones

Doctor Who fans now can own there own Dalek or Tardis Cell Phone Alert Charm. Just keep the Charm close to your cell and it will light up when you phone is receiving a call. Great in meetings when you ringer need to be off and great just to impress the others.

Go check out the Doctor Who Cell Phone Charm.

Green Gadget Charging station

author Posted by: George on date Dec 16th, 2009 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Cables, Home use

All those charging adapters and wires drive me nuts but not any more. With this Charging Station your charging worries are over. This dock offers 13 different wires for almost any device (see Device List).

So less wires will mess up your desk and there is more.

These days green is the way to go but most of our chargers charge and charge and charge and a well I guess you get my point, they never stop charging even if you battery is full. Not with this charging station, when you iPhone, Nokia, Black Berry or Palm are full it just turns itself off.

Great for the environment this Green Gadget Charging Station so order yours today.

Star Wars Cell Phone Charm

author Posted by: George on date Nov 19th, 2009 | filed Filed under: VOIP / Phones

What is cooler then a Dart Vader or Storm Trooper Charm for you Cell phone (GSMĀ  800 – 1600 MHZ only) that starts flashing when you phone rings? Now you can have this little charm on your desk while your phone is in your pocket on silent and you will know when someone tries to reach you.

Of course you can hang the charm on your phone or any where you like just to know when you are getting calls.

Go check out this ultra cool Star Wars Gadget.