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Concrete Cable Organizer

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Concrete Cable Organizer

Now you can have a fun Concrete Cable Organizer that is perfect for keeping your wires on your desk in place.

The cable manager is a fun little block of concrete and it can guide up 4 wires and as it has a little weight to it your wires will stay neatly in place.

It is great to have this over your charging wires so that it is always ready to use.

And these fun cable organizer come in the colors white, light grey, and dark grey and you can even get them engraved.

If you are sick of your wires being everywhere or on the ground then you have to check out this Concrete Cable Organizer.

Wooden Cable Organizer

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Wooden Cable Organizer

If you want you desk at home or the office look a lot better then you should check out this Wooden Cable Organizer.

The table organizer can be stuck to the side or you desk or on top and it have grooves in it that can hold 5 wires so that no you can have those wires for charging your phone or something else can just be hanging ready for when you need it and that will look just so much better then just a bunch of loose wires.

And as it is made from wood it just looks stunning. Come and get yourself a present by ordering your Wooden Cable Organizer.

Pinza Cable Organizer

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Pinza steel cable organizer

We all know the problem wires never stay where you want them to stay.

So we plug in our laptop power cable, iTunes cable, speaker cable and so on. But then when we don’t use them they always seem to end up behind the desk.

But there is a solution that looks amazing and solves our problems.

The Pinza cable organizer is a solid steel holder that can hold up to 3 or 4 cables and makes sure they never end up behind the desk.

The principal is simple just put the cable in the Pinza and almost automatically it tries to roll backwards but by doing so it locks the cable in a position so that it stays in place.

If you are look for a great looking cable organizer then come check out the Pinza Cable Organizer.

Velcro Cable Straps

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Cable Organisers in color and with velcro

We all know how wires always get tangled and you can never find witch wire is what.

But now there is coloured velcro that can help you bundling wires and each color can mean something else.

Now you wires will be organized and they can be easily adjusted because of the Velcro.

Get organized with these cool Colored Velcro Cable Organizers.

Grid-It Organizer

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grid it gadget organizer

We all know the problem of having a bag full of loose items and never be able the find the one thing in the mess.

Grid-It can help.

Grid-it is a black matt with elastics woven all over it.

Now you can just stick the item you want under one of the bands and there it is nicely tucked away.

As you can see on the picture above you can really organize almost anything this way. Things like phone, camera’s, ipod, batteries, flash drive, wires and much more can easily be organized so that now you can find them easily.

Grid-It comes in two sizes so that you can use the size that fits you need. And Grid-It loves to live in your bags or just on your desk with all you favorite items needly stored.

Have a closer look at all the options of the Grid-it Organizer.

Bluelounge CableBox

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Bluelounge cable box for wire organization

OK you have a power bar with loads of wires under you desk and it drives you nuts.

Hmmm how do we solve that you wonder.

Easy the Bluelounge CableBox will do that for you. You put your power bar in the box and the wires come in from the side and can all be stored inside to so now you just have a nice box with wires going in but no big mounts of wires on the floor.

This makes it so much more easy to clean under your desk and it looks so much better to.

Go check out how easy the Bluelounge Cable Box works.