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Luigi Baby Bodysuit

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Nintendo Luigi Baby Bodysuit

If you need some clothing for your baby and you like Nintendo then you should check out this Luigi Baby Bodysuit.

The baby bodysuit is green and on the front, you can see a circle and from the circle, you can see Luigi that seems to be trying to come out and he is waving at everyone it sees.

You can get this baby snapsuit in sizes 6 – 24 months and if you like Mario better then you are in luck as there is a red version that has Marion on it that you can see by clicking on the bodysuit.

The bodysuit is just cute and it will make it clear your little is a Nintendo fan already so come get them this Luigi Baby Bodysuit.

Slip-On Robot Booties

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baby shoes with robots

So you have a little one that need some footwear.

Of course you want him or hear to wear the appropriate shoes that make a statement.

These slip-on booties are have a little robot on them and that of course give the statement.

These robot booties have a non slip sole and and elastic top so that they stay on the feet without any effort.
And these baby shoes come in sizes 0 – 18 months.

So get your kid ready to become a robot engineer by getting them these fun Slip-On Robot Booties.

Diaper Loading Baby Bodysuit

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Diaper Loading Baby Bodysuit

If you are a bit of tech nut then you need this bodysuit for your newborn.

It is a bodysuit that comes in pink, green, blue and white and in sizes from 0 – 24 months.

And on the baby bodysuit it shows a loading bar like we are use to see on our computers.
Above the bar it says “Diaper Loading….”  and below the bar it says “Please Wait”.

Don’t know if you have to wait long before that diaper is full but the bodysuit is funny.

Come check out this Diaper Loading Baby Bodysuit.

Geek In Training Baby Bodysuit

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geek in training baby bodysuit

Geeks are born and if you are a geek then your of spring will likely be one to.

To make the world aware of what you are teaching your baby you should have a look at this bodysuit.

On this bodysuit you see the word Geek in a 8 bits font and the words “in training” and there is also a mouse pointer.

This all makes it a fun printed piece of baby clothing.

And this bodysuit comes in a range of colors in long and short sleeves and will fit babies from 3 – 24 months.

Get your baby ready to become a geek and start with this Geek In Training Bodysuit.

Tiny Techie Bodysuit

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Tiny Techie Bodysuit

Do you know that you little new born is gone be as tech smart as it’s parents?

If so then this bodysuit is the ideal piece of clothing.

On the suit you see a little baby with HUGE eye and above that the text “tiny techie”.

You can get this bodysuit in some fun colors like pink, light blue, green and of course white.
And it comes in sizes from 0 months to 24 months.

So get your kids geek on by dressing it in this Tiny Techie Bodysuit. 

Future Mac User Baby Onesie

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Future Mac User baby onesie

You as MAC user need to have a look at this if you are thinking about having kids.

This is the perfect clothing for a new born. this onesie says “Future Mac User” and comes in several cool baby colors.

Go check out this Future Mac User Baby Clothing.