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Pong Star T-Shirt

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Atari Pong Star T-Shirt

If you like classic video games then you just want this Pong Star T-Shirt.

On the black t-shirt it shows a yellow distressed print and it shows a classic Atari video game console on top of a striped background and then it says “Pong Star” around it.

You can get this Atari t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – 6XL and it also comes in extra tall sizes and all are made from preshrunk cotton to feel nice and comfy.

Many gamers never had the opportunity to play the classic game of Pong but now at least they can wear this Pong Star T-Shirt.

UV Light Sanitizer Box

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UV Light Sanitizer Box

These days we need to be careful with viruses and stuff and that is why you want this UV Light Sanitizer Box.

This box sanitizes things you put inside it with UV light and yes the light bulb is replaceable when it reaches it’s end of life.

Inside the box there is plenty of space so that you can put your stuff inside it, glasses, phones, makeup brushes and also you baby bottles so that they are clean when you need it.

A full sanitizing cycle takes 11 minutes so that you stuff will be virus and germ free in no time and it has a 40 minutes drying cycle to so that you can put wet baby bottles inside and they will dry and be sanitized all at the same time.

Come and have a look inside this UV Light Sanitizer Box.

Smartphone Camera Remote

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Smartphone Camera Remote

Now you can get this Smartphone Camera Remote so that you can take pictures of yourself if you like.

This camera remote is available in many colors and will work on both IOS and Android.

So now you can take a picture by simply pressing the button and that makes it great for groups shots and selfies.

If you like to take photo’s then this suppose to be part of your kit and it comes in a nice pouch so that it can always be ready for you to use.

Now is the time to get this remote so that you have it ready for when you need it so come get your Smartphone Camera Remote.

Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive

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Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive

If you like to surprise a loved one with something special then this Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive is what you need.

In the olden days we made mixed tapes with your favorite music and give it to a loved one and this thumb drive can give you the same feeling of a mixed tape.

First of it is shaped like a real cassette tap and even comes with a cover like tapes came in and then there is the 8GB flash drive that can hold your favorite music on it and even video’s and picture to bring back memories you have with your loved one.

This flash drive is great as a Valentine’s Day present and is perfect for other occasions to so be creative and get this Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive.

Levitation Platform

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Levitation Platform

Now there is this fun Levitation Platform that can be part of you home and then you can make things levitate in thin air.

There is a big base and a small disk that can float in thin air and it even turns and that means you can put things on the disk and then that can float so that you can keep looking at it from all angles.

The disk can hold up 13 ounces worth of stuff and make it float.

Things like figurines or maybe a diamond will look great on the disc and if you don’t know what to put on it then you can get this Levitation Platform with a skull or football.

So if you like things to levitate then come and get your Levitation Platform.

Minecraft Painting Tote Bag

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Minecraft Painting Tote Bag

Now there is this Minecraft Painting Tote Bag that is a great reusable bag to have if you like Minecraft.

If you are a Minecraft player then you know the picture on the tote bag as it is one of the paintings you can get in the game.

The picture shows burning skull and that may look a bit weird to the average human but all Minecraft players will recognize it and that makes this a great bag to use for shopping, school, gym and more because you may make some friends with other Minecraft players

The Minecraft tote bag is available in different sizes and all have a nice strong carry strap and the design is printed on both sides of the bag.

Stop using single use plastic bags and start using this Minecraft Painting Tote Bag.

Plasma Ball Light

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Plasma Ball Light

Now you can have this fun Plasma Ball Light  and touch it and see the light move to your fingers.

We all dream about plasma lights and now you can get one for yourself and this one can run on USB power or batteries so that you can use it where ever you go.

You can take it camping if you want of just have it on your night stand.

Just turn it on and the sparks will flowing around until you touch it and then see it flow to your fingers.

This plasma light is fun for kids and adults so add one to your life by ordering your Plasma Ball Light.

Cell Phone Hands Desk Stand

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Cell Phone Hands Desk Stand

Now there is this fun Cell Phone Hands Desk Stand that will look amazing in your home or office.

If your phone or tablet is just lying around on your desk then why not get it something fun to stand in and that is why you want this stand that is made from plastic and is shaped like two hands with the thumbs out to type on your classic BlackBerry or your new iPhone 12.

it is just one of those things you don’t need but something that would look really nice in your home or office as now there can always be a place to put your device.

Come and have a closer look at this Cell Phone Hands Desk Stand.

Kids Funny Robot Puzzle

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Kids Funny Robot Puzzle

Now there is this Kids Funny Robot Puzzle that is made to keep your child busy doing some fun things with their hands and brain.

This is a robot jigsaw puzzle that is 8 x 10 inches and is 60 pieces making it great for young and old and the puzzle comes in a nice metal tin and has the puzzle design on the top so that you can see what you need to make.

And as you can see the puzzle is all about some fun and colorful robots and they all look so happy to be part of the puzzle.

Puzzles are great fun as you can do it with family and friends but also with yourself and is way better than just keep watching a screen so make yourself or a child happy with this fun Kids Funny Robot Puzzle.

Mario Mustache Face Mask

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Nintendo Mario Mustache Face Mask

If you like video games but still want to leave the house then you just want this Mario Mustache Face Mask.

The face mask is available in different styles and in sized for kids and adults and all are reusable and washable.

And as you can see the face mask shows the mouth and big round nose and even the mustache of a famous video game character Mario.

So now you go out and wear a face mask that is fun and feel like Super Mario himself.

If you are or know a Nintendo fan that needs a cool mask then come and get this Mario Mustache Face Mask.