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Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

author Posted by: George on date May 31st, 2021 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Standard key locks are handy but if you want it to be smart then you want to check out this Fingerprint Smart Door Lock.

This lock looks a lot like a keypad smart lock and it is but there is more as the middle is also a fingerprint scanner so you can use your fingers to open the door.

And to make it more interesting you can have many options like giving temporary codes to open the door which makes it perfect for and Air B&B and you can even see on your phone if the door is locked even if you are not home.

And yes it does work with Alexa and things like it.

If you wonder what happens when it stops working, you can simply fold the keypad down to bring you to the way to simply open this lock with a key.

So if you want really smart lock then you want this Fingerprint Smart Door Lock.

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