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Call for free on your iPhone with MagicJack

author Posted by: George on date Mar 15th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch, VOIP / Phones

As an iPhone 3G owner I thought form the day I got my phone that it would be great if I could use the WiFi to call with for instance Skype. As you may remember I use MagicJack to make my phone calls through the computer and for less then 20 dollars a year I can call anyone in the US and Canada and get great international long distance rates as well.

And then I found a post somewhere that you can get Magicjack working through SIP and that made me trying to find a Sip application for the iPhone and that was easy there is an application called SipPhone (review will follow) that you can use to call through WiFi. Then of course I needed to get it working and this is how I did it and it was not as easy as I thought but with lots of help I was able to get it working.

First of all you need to find you SIP information from your MagicJack plug and YES that means that you need to have MagicJack before you can use it on your iPhone.

There are lots of ways out there to find the SIP information but I used the program MJ Utility Suite (i used version 1.6). With this program it is easy just click the button to get the SIP info and you get what you need. Probably you need to edit the configuration a bit to point the right spots but when it is right you will get something like this:

Login Information
ProxyUserName = E**********01
ProxyUserPassword = ABCDEFGHIJ

UDP Ports
SIPUDPDefaultPort = 0
SIPUDPPortRangeStart = 65535
SIPUDPPortRangeEnd = 49152

Other SIP Data
SIPCallerID = E**********01
UserDomain =
ProxyName =
ProxyIP =
User-Agent = MagicJack/1.80.466c (SJ Labs)

So now you are almost ready to go. But you need to find out what city your proxy uses and you do that as followed. Look at the ProxyIP (mine was as you can see above) then go to this WIKIbook for MJ Support and there you can see what proxy belongs to the IP address.

Now we have everything you need to make SipPhone work with MagicJack. So download the SipPhone application from the itunes store and start it and put the following settings:

On main screen under Accounts, select edit, select add new SIP accounts.

Username: E**********01       <<<<<< PUT IN YOUR INFO
Password: ********************    <<<<<<< PUT IN YOUR PASSWORD (case sensitive)

Select Advance

Auth User: E**********01       <<<<<<<<<<< PUT IN YOUR INFO
Proxy Server:        <<<<< PUT IN THE PROXY CITY (mine was Detroit)
Registration Timeout: 3600

Go back to main screen and select Settings on bottom right.

Ringtone: Classic
Prefix for contacts: leave blank
Outbound proxy: leave blank
RTP Port: 4000
SIP Stun Server: leave blank

After you do all this go to Dialer and you should see the cellular and SIP buttons turn green. Make calls!!!

So now you are ready and you can use MagicJack on your iPhone. Be carefull and do not use Magicjack at home and on your iPhone at the same time!

I am just gave it a small test till now and it is great to be able to call in a grocery store with you iPhone using there wireless internet (free hotspot)

Tomorrow I will give you my experience with SipPhone so come back and read about that.

tag51 Responses to “Call for free on your iPhone with MagicJack”

  1. Cool Usb Toys » Blog Archive » SipPhone on iPhone Said,

    […] you read yesterday’s story about how to configure your iPhone to use MagicJack then you know how I did it. But today I will just focus on how SipPhone […]

  2. Klasube Said,

    After some try and error I was able to install all as described in your article. My SIP button did not turn green though. I am running a D-Link DIR-628 router after my comcast cable modem and my iPhone 3G has a static IP address assigned in my network.
    After I input that IP under “Outbound proxy” my SIP button turned green but after dialing one telnumber it rings once and then dropps the call.
    I also get a lot of “request timout” messages.
    Can anyone help? I’m going to Europe in a couple days and would like to use this.

  3. USBgeek Said,

    Did you try it at a different wireless network just to see if it is a problem on your phone or on your network?

    My iphone uses a static IP at home but i did not full out the outbound proxcy. I wonder if it is something in your router that causes this. I get the green SIP button right away an never get timeouts and i use it all over the place from library’s to malls and of course at home.

    Maybe have a look at maybe there is someone who can help you.

  4. Klasube Said,

    Thanks for your lightning quick reply.
    No, I haven’t tried other networks yet, but I will this afternoon.
    Just to be sure : “Enable NAT detect” is off, “SIP Stun” is off, “VAD” is off, “RFC3605 Support” is on, correct? (Sorry, I don’t know what these things mean anyways).

  5. USBgeek Said,

    Hmmm seems like i still have an old version of SipPhone that does not offer all those options. But SIP stun is off.

    Will see if i can update mine now (could have an account issue) and then i can see if i can help you.

  6. Klasube Said,

    I just got back from our local beanery and their WiFi. Played with different settings but nothing worked. I either get “Registration failed” or “Request Timeout”
    I am running MJ ver. 1.80.466.
    My iPhone is ver. 2.2 (jailbreak + yellosn0w)
    MJ suite tells me to connect to “” which I completed with “:5070)

    Thanks again…

  7. USBgeek Said,

    did you try the password in again and are sure you use capitals where needed because it is case sensitive.

    I know that did the trick for me after two days of fighting.

  8. Klasube Said,

    I am soooo embarrassed…
    I did not realize that iPhone keyboard switches back to lower case after input of capital case. So every second and third letter was lower case instead of capital. It works now and I will save a ton while I am in Europe.
    I apologize for waisting your time.

  9. USBgeek Said,

    No worries. Happy 🙂 to hear that it works and that you now can call your friends with magicjack on your iPhone while traveling.

    Enjoy you trip.

  10. JD Said,

    hi, just getting my head clear : you can connect ur magicjack to ur iphone. but how do connect magic jack to iphone physically. i m a layman in this field. sorry. can it be connected to N95

  11. USBgeek Said,

    No you do not physically connect Magic Jack to your iPhone 🙂

    You just get the information you need out of it and use it to put it in to a SIP program. If there is a SIP program for a Nokia N95 then i would not see a reason why you can’t use Magic Jack on a Nokia N95 but I don’t know that phone so I can’t really say if it will be possible or not.

  12. JD Said,

    thanks for ur repaonse. my phone doesnt have a SIP program. where can i get it downloaded.

  13. Elkin Said,

    I works great when I receive calls.

    But when I make calls I get connected but the call only lasts 5 or 10 seconds.

    Do you know why?

  14. USBgeek Said,

    hmmm interesting.

    I wonder do you use your Magic Jack plug at the same time? Because that could cause problems like this.

  15. Elkin Said,

    No, actually I unplugged the MJ from the computer.


  16. USBgeek Said,

    AGAIN check you password. I thought it worked for me while my password was wrong.

    Remember it is case sensitive!

  17. Klasube Said,

    Hi, it’s me again.
    Just wanted to share this with you: After I got everything working on my iPhone in the US, I travelled to Italy. SipPhone wasn’t working. Tried different settings and networks. Nothing. Got back to Germany to my computer and double checked settings with MJ-Utilities. They had changed my password entirely! Put in the new password, everything is working again.
    Wonder for how long and what triggered the change….

  18. jolita Said,

    Hello, I downloaded MJ Utility Suite, but when I press show infor it says wrong letter blah blah blah or unplugged mj, even though its plugged and working.

  19. teh Said,

    hi, i am trying to get the sipinfo of my mj, but dont know how.. it gives me error.. please help..

  20. JOFTAA Said,

    I am sorry for the double post. I forgot to ask in my previous message… Will SipPhone work with a first generation iPhone as well? I see the 3G mentioned here, but not the 1st generation.

    I am running 3.0 and am jail broken and unlocked.


  21. JOFTAA Said,

    For the record, I am usually not a complete idiot. No, really, I am not.

    But, in this case, I must have been playing around on my computer past my bedtime or something. I found SipPhone. It is now called iSip.

    I will now download, install, and try not to ask anymore stupid questions.

  22. JOFTAA Said,

    I got it working. Sort of. I can make calls with my iPhone using my Magicjack SIP info. The other party says there is a slight echo. I’d like to get rid of the echo. I adjusted the mic volume, but that had no effect.

    The other issue is with incoming calls. If someone calls my MJ, my iPhone rings. I answer. But, neither party can hear the other.

    I am so close… Any ideas on reducing the echo and making the incoming calls work?

    Thank you.

    By the way, the MJ Utils do not work as of this writing. I had to use Password Finder v2.1 from here: — This is how I got my userID and password.

  23. USBgeek Said,

    after i go isip i didnt’ get it working (yet) any hints or settings any body tried? i keep getting “credential failed to authenticate” and am sure i did the password right (all capitals).

    So a bit stuck any help??

  24. JOFTAA Said,

    Seems that the new iSip doesn’t allow caps for the username. I need to have a capital E in my username.

    The uppercase button doesn’t even illuminate during username entry. Any clues would be appreciated.


  25. JOFTAA Said,

    Sorry for the double post, but I got it working. I had to make a workaround, though.

    When entering the username into iSip, the arrow key (for uppercase) is not lit up. I had to go to the NOTES application, type in an uppercase E and then copy it to the clipboard. Then I went back to iSip, edited my username by pasting the uppercase E into my username.

    Now she works. I am going to let the guys that write iSip know about this.

  26. JOFTAA Said,

    Cannot edit posts, so here goes again. I contacted Vnet Corp. about iSip bug. They responded rather quickly letting me know they are aware of the problem and will correct it in the next version.

    In the meantime, if you need an uppercase letter in your SIP username, you can use the work around above.

  27. JDC Said,

    “SIP Stun Server: leave blank”

    isip will not allow this field to be blank. it currently has:

    I can write over it and that will work, but if I try and empty it out, once empty, automatically fills back in.

    Go figure!

  28. JDC Said,

    Been sitting with this for some hours now, after days of reading posts. I have the most recent version of isip, 3.1 JB iphone, and a MJ purchased 08-08, with their recent Vista upgrade.

    I’ve made a MJ account in the SIP accounts, new accounts, which has setup:

    User name: (Cap)E…..01
    password: All caps and numbers taken from MJ dump

    in Advanced:
    Auth username: same as use name above – (Cap)E….01
    proxy server:
    registration timeout: 3600
    voicemail: left blank
    phone number: left blank
    Enable NAT/APNS: both OFF

    In Settings:

    outbound proxy: ghosted (outbound proxy)
    local port: 5070
    RTP Port: 4000
    SIP Stun: OFF
    SIP Stun Server: (is ghosted and I can not remove, though I can change. If I go back and delete my change, “ ” is automatically filled back in!

    CODEC: Auto
    VAD: OFF
    RFC3605 support: OFF

    DIal settings/Cellular Setting: ON

    Enable APNS: OFF

    Hide inactive ACC: OFF


    I continually receive “Registratin failed”…. unknown error 17100

    I am missing what I am not understanding. Would someone please help?

  29. jay buck Said,

    This trick no longer works. Hopefully theyll eventually figure out a new one.

  30. JDC Said,

    I’ve recently confirmed with another individual, who has MJ working with isip in Calif, that a group of settings I was using were correct:

    MagicJack sip setting:
    Username: EXXXXXXXXXX01 (This is also the same as Auth Username)
    Password: MagicJack Password (Taken from dump of MJ to PM.exe)

    So, these are the settings I am using. I just received a new error: “Data network not available.” My iphone is connected to Wi-Fi right here at my desk.


    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  31. JDC Said,

    Admin, I put up a few posts yesterday… and I do not see them any longer.

    Can you please help?

  32. JDC Said,

    my PC is going buggers… there they appear now…

    time to flush cache!

  33. Tango Said,

    Trying to do the same thing… i keep getting authentication failure.

  34. USBgeek Said,

    That is exactly what i get these days and i don’t get it working any more either. Is there any one out here that has MJ working on the iPhone right now?

  35. JDC Said,

    Maybe a step closer.

    No longer receiving authentification errors, or timeout errors.

    Used iSip setting and my router ip to input into iSip outbound proxy info with 5060.

    If I use 5070 in that setting, iSip goes red.
    At this point iSip and MJ accouts are green, however when I dial out I almost immediately receive “status Code:486 Busy Here”.

    I’m going to try another wi-fi tomorrow other than my own in house off Verizon.

  36. JDC Said,

    and this about error 486:

    The callee’s end system was contacted successfully but the callee is currently unavailable (e.g., not logged in or logged in in such a manner as to preclude communication with the callee). The response MAY indicate a better time to call in the Retry-After header. The user could also be available elsewhere (unbeknownst to this host), thus, this response does not terminate any searches. The reason phrase SHOULD indicate a more precise cause as to why the callee is unavailable. This value SHOULD be setable by the user agent. Status 486 (Busy Here) MAY be used to more precisely indicate a particular reason for the call failure.

    This status is also returned by a redirect server that recognizes the user identified by the Request-URI, but does not currently have a valid forwarding location for that user.


  37. Duke Said,

    Has anyone got MJ running on an iPhone these days? I used to have it running with no issues until late September and it has not worked since then. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  38. BamBam Said,

    I will pay anyone via paypal to help me setup and get my sip information please email me [email protected]

  39. Duke Said,


    Unfortunately I don’t think this works anymore. It looks like MJ has blocked the use of SIP somehow. I have looked high and low ont eh web for any new hacks but haven’t had any luck so far. Hopefully someone will be able to hack it again 😉 and let us know…

  40. JavaChap Said,

    Here is an updated article on how to use magicjack data connection on your iPhone.

  41. USBgeek Said,

    Any info if this also works on a not Jailbroken iphone?

  42. JavaChap Said,

    Yes i have tried it with iSip, which is working fine. I have updated my post with the screenshot.

  43. Alan Said,

    Try it is free and it gives you your own number as well so people can call you.

  44. USBgeek Said,

    OK you can call but it is not as cheap as Magic Jack so don’t think it is worth it.

  45. adi Said,

    hi, i recentlly got my MJ. i’m using iphone 3gs and nothing works the way you explain. i think they changed the config…can anyone help pease!

  46. unlockedphone Said,

    i just successfully used magicjack on iphone 3gs running 4.0.1

    the software you have to use on iphone is now called isip.

    in order to obtain the sip info from ur magic jack follow this website and follow step by step. once you have setup everything on ur iphone, you will have to play around a little bit with the settings to get the best voice quality out of it.

  47. isaac Said,

    is it possible todo this abroad ??

    im in israel using majic jack.

    can i use my iphone4 in here with my majic jack number ??

  48. Abhay Verma Said,

    whenever i open SIPinfo it continuously give me this error message ” Invalid MJFlashDriveLetter in Config.ini or MJ not plugged in ”
    i have the same 1.6 version
    and my magic jack is working perfectly, like i call U.S everyday so there is no chance its not working
    plzzzzzzz helllllpppp me !!!!!!!!!

  49. USBgeek Said,

    Don’t think that anybody is having magic jack working on there iPhone right now.

    If someone does have a way of doing it please contact me so that i can update this.

  50. Pat Said,

    Is MagicJack working in any iPhone??? how can i do that? I don’t see any updated information 🙁

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