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BluBridge mini-jack Rx

author Posted by: George on date Jun 3rd, 2011 | filed Filed under: Music

Bluetooth receiver for stereo music on any device

We all know the problem get in to your car connect the wire from your phone to the stereo and yeah now we can listen to the music on our phone.

Some modern cars now start to have a bluetooth option build in that connects your phone automatically when you get in and lets you play your music without any wires.

I like that idea a lot because the wires are always in the wrong spot and always tangled.

After some looking around I found the BluBridge mini-jack Rx witch does that exactly.

Just connect the BluBridge mini-jack Rx to the aux port of any stereo and you are set to go. Press the button and it connects to your phone.

The BluBridge mini-jack Rx has a build in battery that charges through mini USB and comes with plugs and wires to make connecting it a breeze.

Now you can stream your music from your phone in your pocket to your stereo.

Of course you can use this device also at home to stream your music to your home stereo.
They say it has a range of 10 meters (33 feet) so that should be plenty.

Another use is to connected ┬áit to your headphones who then don’t have to be connected to your phone any more.

The only downside I found till now is that you need to press the button to reconnect your phone every time you want to use the BluBridge mini-jack Rx I guess that is to prevent the battery from draining but that is holding me back from buying it right now.

Check out what other think of the BluBridge mini-jack Rx Stereo Bluetooth reciever.

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