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author Posted by: George on date Feb 24th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch

When you are playing with your new iPhone or iPod Touch soon you will be getting sick of that stupid globe when you turn you device on. It is easy to change the picture by going to Settings, Wallpaper but what are you gone put there.

Backgrounds is there to solve that problem. This Free application will show you lots and lots of free photo’s you can use as wallpaper.

It is easy start Backgrounds and there you see 4 pictures if you tap on one you see a bigger picture and you can download that or you can search through the photo library or go through the categories. It is so simple and it offers a easy way to some great pictures that are perfect for a background as you startpage for your iPhone.

And yes it is free so get a new photo everyday so that you will not get bored.

Two things that could be added in my view first it would be nice if it could put the pictures in a special photo folder and secondly it would be even better if it could change photo’s for you like 1e day or what ever you would like. But still this app is great and does what it says I would say go give it a try and share you thoughts.

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