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UV Light Sanitizer Box

author Posted by: George on date Feb 15th, 2021 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

UV Light Sanitizer Box

These days we need to be careful with viruses and stuff and that is why you want this UV Light Sanitizer Box.

This box sanitizes things you put inside it with UV light and yes the light bulb is replaceable when it reaches it’s end of life.

Inside the box there is plenty of space so that you can put your stuff inside it, glasses, phones, makeup brushes and also you baby bottles so that they are clean when you need it.

A full sanitizing cycle takes 11 minutes so that you stuff will be virus and germ free in no time and it has a 40 minutes drying cycle to so that you can put wet baby bottles inside and they will dry and be sanitized all at the same time.

Come and have a look inside this UV Light Sanitizer Box.

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