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USB drum Kit

author Posted by: George on date Oct 26th, 2006 | filed Filed under: Home use, Music

USB drum kit. Lets rock the USB

Crazy but true here is the USB drum kit. Just hook up your computer to this drum kit and your are ready to go.

This drum kit plays the sound from the drum through you computer sound-card and speakers. That way it can keep up with the expected quality.

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  1. keeper of keys Said,

    Um, excuse me but where can you actually buy this? Can’t find a link to eg the manufacturer’s site (or even their name) anywhere on this page. Pathetic blogging.

  2. soul ripper Said,

    I agree, Im interested in this too and theres no mention of anything in the article that can help find it.

  3. USBgeek Said,

    Sorry guys the place I found this doesn’t offer it any more.

    But what about this Drum Kit

  4. wyte Said,

    The drum set shown here is made by a company called Pacific Digital. They made several different models, one of which I actually own. I don’t actually use it for normal drumming, but it works excellent for music games. Try to find more info.

  5. bobington Said,

    i own the kit in the picture and it doesnt connect via usb.

  6. Tom Said,

    These are called electronic drum kits, and can be purchased from several companies, including Roland and Yamaha.

    They usually come with a sound module which will use sounds of drums to make the kit sound real (or sound like dance club effects, whatever you want, etc). Most of them are also MIDI controllers, which means they can also send what you’re playing (the “note” data, not the “sound” of the drums) to the computer for your music program to play.

    If you want something cheaper that will still let you drum on stuff, you can get MIDI controllers that are meant to be hit by sticks or hit by your fingers.

    Fun stuff!

  7. robin Said,

    You can buy a great ION usb drumkit at www electranics net
    I have bought some things there, good service and communication every time…

  8. Vanessa Said,

    Re: electronic drums. There’s a huge difference between electronic drums and a usb drum pad. My dad is a drummer and he has a roland v-session set. It was hella expensive and has a lot of features as Tom was saying, but the ones USBgeek linked to are $30 I think. You probably won’t get hardly any features on it. You might get a couple “kits” but that’s about it. I know Tom kind of said that, but I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed when they went to the company website and saw that they are thousands of dollars or that it says “inquire for price”

  9. USBgeek Said,

    Hey drum people out here did you see this post
    it is about a drum kit T-Shirt

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