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USB Doorbell

author Posted by: George on date Jun 26th, 2007 | filed Filed under: Home use, Music

The USB doorbell

Lets go back to the think a real Geek can’t live without 😉 The USB Doorbell. Now you can play your favorite tune when someone presses the Doorbell.

This Doorbell is just a replacement of your Chime so it is not wireless or anything like that.

But this Doorbell has a USB connection and that makes it fun 🙂 this way you can put WAV or MP3 files on it that will be played when the doorbell is pressed.

Hmmm. what about a loud barking dog to keep the sales people away. The doorbell can play up to 30 seconds of your choice of sound.

Check out this nerdy toy at ThinkGeek Electronics.

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  1. Bruce B. Said,

    My doorbell from is much better 🙂

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