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Wooden Wireless Phone Charger

author Posted by: George on date Dec 21st, 2018 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use

Wooden Wireless Phone Charger

If you have a nice phone that does wireless charging and want something nice to use then check out this Wooden Wireless Phone Charger.

Most wireless chargers are just plain ugly but now you can have one with a wooden top and they come in walnut and cherry and the thin layer of wood will not limit the charging of your phone.

The charger is a Qi charger of 10watt and that makes it just perfect for fast charging your device in a classy way.

And when not in use the round wooden disc will look great on your desk so come and get your Wooden Wireless Phone Charger.

Wooden Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging

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Wooden Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging

If you want an easy way to charge your phone at night then you should check out this wooden alarm clock with wireless charging build in.

The alarm clock looks like really wood and comes in different colors to fit your decor and on the front it shows the time and the room temperature and you can get the display go off to make your room really dark at night.

And then there is the top of the alarm clock as that is where you can put you iPhone or other phones that support Qi wireless charging.

Give your phone a place to sleep at night right next to you on the night stand on top of this wooden Alarm Clock.

Bamboo Pad Wireless Charger For iPhone

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Bamboo Pad Wireless Charger For iPhone

Now that Apple started adding wireless charging to it’s phones starting with the iPhone 8 and X you want a nice wireless charger.

And the people from Fonesalesman make an nice wooden wireless charger and that will look really nice on your desk or table specially if it is made from wood.

The Qi wireless charger is a round pad made from bamboo and has the mico USB inside so that the wire looks nice come out of it making it look even nicer.

As the wireless charger is always ready to charge you just have to put your phone on it when you start working at you desk and you never really have to worry about running out of juice any more.

Come check out this Bamboo Pad Wireless Charger For iPhone.