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Verbatim Dog Tag USB Flash Drive

author Posted by: George on date Jul 30th, 2014 | filed Filed under: Memory Sticks

Verbatim Dog Tag USB Flash Drive

Are you looking for a flash drive that can always be with you?

This dog tag necklace flash drive is perfect.

Verbatim offers this dog tag flash drive in 8 and 16 gigabyte versions with a black or violet edge.

The dog tag looks like most normal dog tags and then on  the back there is a space where a usb flash drive is held easy to use and impossible to use as it is connected to the necklace.

The flash drive is also protected from dust and water so that you can just safely take them almost any where you go.

Always carry your important files around you neck with this Verbatim Dog Tag USB Flash Drive.

Verbatim Store N Stay USB Flash Drive

author Posted by: George on date Aug 24th, 2012 | filed Filed under: Memory Sticks

Verbatim Store N Stay USB Flash Drive

The name says it all the “Verbatim Store N Stay USB Flash Drive” is small so that you can place it in to a free usb port of a laptop and just leave it there always ready for a backup or just extra storage room.

And of course you can use the flash drive as any other and not leave it in you computer it is all up to you.

The Verbatim flash drive is USB 2.0 and comes in sizes 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

With a drive this easy I surely put one on my shopping list as this is the ideal solution for small backups.

Come check out this Verbatim Store N Stay USB Flash Drive.

Verbatim Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

author Posted by: George on date Jul 17th, 2011 | filed Filed under: Mice / keyboard

Verbatim Foldable bluetooth keyboard for tablet computers

You got yourself a tablet but still carry around you laptop because typing on it is not that great if you have to type a lot.

Verbatim made you a solution that could work fine for most of us.

A bluetooth keyboard that folds up in to a little box tiny enough to take around together with you tablet.

And yes of course it works with the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Playbook and most Android tablets. Yes basically anything that support a bluetooth keyboard should be able to use this Verbatim keyboard.

The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries and that means no charging and a battery that you can get almost anywhere in the world.

And this Verbatim Foldable Bluetooth keyboard even comes with a storage case and a has a build in iPhone stand.

The keyboard is the size of a regular keyboard (like my bluetooth Apple Keyboard) and that makes work on the road a whole lot easier.

Go check out more details of this Verbatim Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.