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LEGO Robo Creator Set 31062

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LEGO Robo Creator Set 31062

If you like LEGO and robots then you just need this Robo creator set.

The Robo Explorer set is number 31062 and includes 205 pieces including a light brick.

And as it is a creator set it includes building instructions for 3 different robots.

First, you can build Robo Explorer that is a really cool robot with tracks so that it can explore faraway planets. And this robot is about 4 inches tall. And besides the main robot, you can also build a robot dog and a robot bird and that means you can enjoy many building sessions as you can keep changing the robots.

Come get your LEGO Robot Explorer Set.

LEGO Minecraft The Village Set 21128

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Lego Minecraft The Village Set 21128

If you are crazy about building then you probably like LEGO and Minecraft and this time you are in luck because both came togetherĀ and here is the LEGO Minecraft set that makes you build a village.

The LEGO set is rated ages 8 and up and has pieces including pigs and other Minecraft creatures.

And yes you have to build the village that includes multiple buildings and many open up so that you can go inside the houses.

1600 pieces of LEGO is a great start for your real world Minecraft set and this LEGO building kit has number 21128 and would be a great addition to your LEGO collection.

Come check out this LEGO Minecraft The Village Building Set.

Build A Robot Toy

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Build A Robot Toy

This build your robot set is fun for kids and adults.

You can build and take it apart to change the robot to something else.

The different heads all have different emotions and shapes to teach kids about those and the robot it self can stand or sit.

And this robot set is build out of recycled rubber-wood and the colors and accents painted on it are done with non toxic water based paints.

If you have small kids (3 and up) or just like to play yourself then come and check out this Build Your Own Wooden Robot Kit.

Cut The Rope Om Nom Plush

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Cut the rope Om Nom 5" plush

For some Cut The Rope is more addicting then Angry Birds.

Me personally had to remove Cut The Rope of my phone to get any work done.

So we agree that Cut The Rope is fun and addicting.

And now there is a 5″ super soft Om Nom plush witch will not eat all your candy but looks like it will.

This green monster looks just like in the video game and if you have one of these plush monsters you don’t have to worry any more about the monsters under your bed as Om Nom will scare them all away.

Time to stop playing Cut The Rope and order your own Om Nom 5″ Plush.

iBone Dog Toy

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iBone Dog Toy

OK we know the kind of people that love Apple products and yes me to. And this product can be the first cool gadget for your dog and iBone is just a bit bigger then an iPhone and smaller then and iPad.

It’s a great squeaky toy for you dog who will love you for ever because now he or she will have an iBone.

Check out how the cool iBone Dog Toy

USB Desktop Dunk

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Play basketball with your computer

Does you PC or Mac have a USB port left over? It doesn’t even have to be USB 2.0 a USB 1.1 is good enough.

Because with your USB port you can power this Basketball game. Play the hoops and it will make sound and keep score. That sounds like way more fun in the office I mean if you can choose between working or playing what would it be?

Have a look at the USB Desktop Dunk

I love my iPhone Teddy Bear

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We all know how much people love there iPhones and that is why I thought that a cool Teddy Bear would help making it even clearer to everybody.

Now you can have this cool bear that tells you how lovely the iPhone is because everyone knows if Teddy Bear tells you something it has to be true.

Get one for you self and one for all your iPhone owning friends. Check out the cool I Love my iPhone Bear.