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Doctor Who Tardis Flash Drive

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Wooden Doctor Who Tardis Flash Drive

Remember that those classic blue police phone boxes?

Yes like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

Now you can have one of those police boxes printed on a USB flash drive that is made out of wood.

On the front and back of this flash drive you can see the doors and top sign of the Tardis and when you flick the top of then the USB connector shows up. The top is hold in place by magnets that perfect align it.

And this USB flash drive comes in a USB 2.0 or 3.0 version in sizes 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB. So finally you can choose the perfect flash drive for you.

So if you like old Police boxes or Doctor Who then you need this Doctor Who Tardis Flash Drive.

Tardis Bigger Inside T-Shirt

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Doctor Who Tardis Bigger Inside T-Shirt

A computer nerd know about the Intel inside logo and this t-shirt shows something that looks a lot like that logo.

But it’s not…..

Instead of Intel Inside it says “Tardis bigger inside” and we Doctor Who fans of course know that the blue box that the Doctor uses to travel is much bigger on the inside.

This fun Doctor Who t-shirt comes in a range of styles and colors for men and women and they even have a hoodie if you want that.

So if you are a true fan of the Doctor and his Tardis then you should check out this Doctor Who Tardis Bigger Inside T-Shirt.

Doctor Who Tardis In London Necklace

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Doctor Who Tardis In London Necklace

Our favorite time lord travels in time and space using his Tardis and now you can find this amazing machine on a necklace.

The round pendant shows the Big Ben the famous landmark from London and the blue Tardis flying in front of it.

Of course we will never be sure if Doctor Who is in the Tardis but at least you have some prove it is real.

If you would like a Tardis necklace then you are in luck as anyone can order this fine piece of jewelry witch comes with a nice 18″ chain and of course makes the perfect give.

And if you don’t like a silver finish then you are in luck as it also comes in gold.

come and get your own Doctor Who Tardis Necklace.

Doctor Who Socks

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Doctor Who and tardis Socks

There we have it the socks every Doctor Who fan has bin waiting for.

These socks are mainly blue but show the galaxy and a police box called the Tardis and in front of the Tardis we find the 11th Doctor.
A Doctor Who fan should only wear these socks specially as it has Matt Smith on it as the Doctor.

They call these socks ladies socks but I would no be ashamed to wear them myself.

Come have a much closer look at these Doctor Who And The Tardis Socks.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case

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Doctor Who Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone

We all know that the Doctor travels in a blue police phone box that he calls the Tardis.

And now you Samsung Galaxy SIII phone can travel in one to.

This case made by Case-Mate will protect you Samsung phone from harm and makes it look like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

So if your case is still bare and boring then come give it a case.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy SIII Tardis Case.

Tardis Costume T-Shirt

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Doctor Who Tardis Costume T-Shirt

This t-shirt is an ideal shirt for fans of the Doctor.

This blue Tardis t-shirt is just a Tardis blue t-shirt with the print of a English police box on it and that would make you the Tardis and maybe you are also bigger on the inside.

And Doctor Who fans can get this in all kind of sizes and styles, they even have hoodies.

So if you like Doctor Who then come check out this Blue Tardis T-Shirt.

Doctor Who Tardis Door Poster

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Doctor Who Tardis door poster

Doctor Who fans will love this poster.

This is not just a poster no it is a poster of the Tardis and it is big as big as a door so that you can decorate your rooms door as the Tardis of the Doctor.

On the poster you don’t see much more then a big picture of the Tardis and the Doctor Who logo.

The Doctor Who poster is 21 x 62 inch and of course is shipped in a sturdy tube.

If you want to make people believe that they enter the Tardis instead of your room then this door poster is the perfect way of doing that.

Come get your own Doctor Who Tardis Door Poster.

Doctor Who Tardis Sleeve For Macbook Air

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Doctor Who Tardis laptop sleeve for the macbook air

So you Macbook Air travels the world with you but an amazing looking machine like the Macbook Air needs an amazing looking sleeve.

The people for Rickshaw are making the perfect sleeve for your Macbook Air.

A sleeve that looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who that is the sleeve a real fan wants and this sleeve will be perfect for your Macbook as it specially designed for it. It comes in two versions like the Macbook Air in 11 or in 13 inch.

And to get the Tardis on a sleeve the Doctor travels to San Francisco where Rickshaw makes every sleeve by hand. And you as the Doctor Who fan can choose the color of the lining and the color of the binging so that your Tardis will be special for you.

If you are a Macbook Air owning Doctor Who fan then stop what you are doing and order this Doctor Who Tardis Macbook Air Sleeve.


Tardis iPhone 4S Case

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Doctor Who Tardis iPhone 4 / 4S case

If you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s then this is the case any Doctor Who fan wants.

This case made by Speck will protect you iPhone and have the design of a Tardis.

No boring single color case for you, this case has an Police phone box that the doctor uses to travel. Now you can have your Tardis ready to use any time of the day.

And of course this case will make the perfect present for a new iPhone owner.

Get ready for the Doctor with this Tardis iPhone 4 / 4S Case.

Doctor Who Cell phone Alert charms

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Doctor Who fans now can own there own Dalek or Tardis Cell Phone Alert Charm. Just keep the Charm close to your cell and it will light up when you phone is receiving a call. Great in meetings when you ringer need to be off and great just to impress the others.

Go check out the Doctor Who Cell Phone Charm.