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Kids Mario Kart Sweater

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Kids Mario Kart Sweater

If your child loves playing video games then they might like this Kids Mario Kart Sweater.

This video game inspired sweater is light grey in color and comes in kids sizes 4 -12 and is made from a cotton and polyester blend to be super comfy to wear.

On the sweater you can see 4 squares with in it one of the cart drivers and yes Mario is one of the and then in between the square it says “Mario Kart” just in case some people didn’t understand what this sweat shirt is all about.

Plain sweaters are boring so if you know about a kid that love playing Mario Kart then get them this fun sweater and I am sure the will be more than happy to wear it.

Come check out all the options available of this Nintendo Kids Mario Kart Sweater.

Santa Video Game Christmas sweater

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Santa Video Game Christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas sweater come in all kind of shapes and this one is made for people that like video games.

On this Christmas sweater you can see a platform game with Santa on top and then there are presents all over the platforms so my guess is that Santa need to go down the candy cane platform to retrieve them.

I guess that this is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater party at work and with friends and then if they didn’t know so already they will know you like gaming.

You can get this Christmas sweater in sizes Small – XL so that it fits for Christmas.

Come and order your own Santa Video Game Christmas Sweater.

Nintendo Mario Costume Hoodie

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Nintendo Mario Costume Hoodie

OK Mario games are always fun and maybe wearing this costume hoodie makes you life more fun to.

This hoodie makes you look like Nintendo’s superstar Mario.

The zip up hoodie has a blue body with red sleeves and hood making it look like you are wearing the coveralls that Super Mario wears and even on the hood there is a big M from Mario.

You can get this fun Mario video game hoodie in sizes Small – 2XL and you sure get some attention when you wear this amazing piece of clothing.

Come and take a better look at this stunning Nintendo Mario Costume Hoodie.

Two Robots With Hearts Women’s Sweater

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Two Robots With Hearts Women's Sweater

This black sweater is fun for women that like geeky things.

First of the sweater is black and asymmetric making the back panel a little bit longer is a fun details.
And on the front of this women’s sweater you can see two white robots one is bigger then the other but I think they are friends. And like human’s these robots have hearts to and they are purple.

You can get this robot sweater in a range of sizes so that you get the fit you prefer.

Maybe the robots are actually human’s leading the life they are told to live.

Come and have a better look at this Two Robots With Hearts Women’s Sweater.

Pac Man Hoodie

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Pac Man game hoodie
Do you love the classic, now retro video game Pac-Man?

If you thought there is nothing better than sitting down and trying to get the perfect high score by eating every single fruit, energizer, dot and ghost on all 256 levels then you may want to check this out.

A hoodie that features the retro game Pac-Man, find the classic screen shot of the game on the front with all of the hazzards and bonuses in color aswell as your score and the high score.

Other features are the full-zipper, black hood with drawstrings, two roomy pockets in the front and it is an officially licensed product.

Show off your retro gaming love with the Pac-Man Hoodie.

Robot Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Robots Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you looking for a geeky sweater for Christmas?

How about one with robots on it that are ready to party.
This ugly Christmas sweater is red with white details and made from 100% cotton and on the front is has two robots of witch one has a Santa hat and one has a scarf.

The fun robot sweater comes in sizes Small – 2XL and will be a hit at your Christmas party.

So lets start the party by ordering your Robot Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Robot Sweater

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womens Robot Sweater


Are you that girl that likes robots almost better then people?

If  you like robots then this is the sweater for you. The sweater is grey with light blue parts on the sleeves and on the front you see a pink square with a smiling robot on it and below it the word “Robot”.

Robots are cool and if you think so to then wear this sweater and make people smile.

Come and order your Women’s Robot Sweater.