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Wooden Charging Station

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Wooden Charging Station

We all have devices that need charging and the often are just cluttering all over the house but now there is this nice wooden charging station.

The charging station is a wooden box where your wires hide in and then on the wooden top you have room for you devices that can stand in the edges so that it all look great and is out of the way. And the charging station has a 60Watt 6 port usb hub from RAVPower so that you can charge 6 devices at once without having to need 6 wall chargers.

You know that this will look great in your home so don’t wait come get your Wooden Charging Station.

SanDisk Connect Wireless 200GB USB Flash Drive

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SanDisk Connect Wireless 200GB USB Flash Drive

We all use flash drives and they are great at holding your data but now how do you use that data on your phone or tablet?

Simple this SanDisk connect drive is a normal USB flash drive that also can stream your data wirelessly to your phone and tablet.

Put movies on it and your kids can watch them on their iPads in the car. Put a presentation on it and you can show your customers on the go.

And the SanDisk connect Wireless that we show you is the 200GB one but it also is available in 32, 64, and 128GB.

Never forget those important files thanks to the SanDisk Connect Wireless USB Flash Drive.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Storage Case

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Pelican 0915 Memory Card Storage Case

Now there is a storage case for memory cards which will protected them from harm and water.

The Pelican 0915 protector case has room for 12 SD cards, 6 Micro SD cards, and 6 Mini SD cards. Just put your memory inside the case and the water resistant seal will keep them dry when you are out and about. The case also has a loophole on the top so that you can connected to things like you backpack so that you don’t have to worry about accidently losing it.

At home, this case is handy too as you never have to look for that memory card again as you know where it is.

Let the pro’s take care of your memory cards with this Pelican 0915 Memory Card Storage Case.

USB Flash Drive Storage Bag

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USB Flash Drive Storage Bag

We all know the problem to many USB flash drives to fit in your pocket.

But now there is the handy storage pouch that can hold more then 12 flash drives and besides that other stuff as well like wires, credit cards and maybe even your phone.

The thumb drive storage is made from waterproof PU leather and that of course keeps your storage a bit more secure and protected from danger.

No longer do you have to wonder where you put that flash drive because this pouch can hold all you need on a daily bases.

Come and take a closer look at this USB Flash Drive Storage Bag.

SD Memory Card Carrying Case

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SD Memory Card Carrying Case

If you have a lot of memory cards lying around then you know how difficult it is to keep track of them and how easily you will loose them.

But no worries this carrying case will solve that problem for you.

Inside the case you will find 22 pockets for memory cards, 18 can hold cards up to the size of and SD or SDHC card and 4 are even bigger. There are 8 pages for you cards all ready to use and it comes with stickers for labeling the pockets so that you can organize you things the way you want.

The memory card case comes in a bunch of fun colors to so that it becomes even more personal.

Come check out this Memory Card Carrying Case.

Keyboard Key Storage Box

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Keyboard Key Storage Box


Why get a boring box to store things in?

If you are a bit geeky like me then you are gone love this key that is a storage box.

Yes it looks like a big key from a keyboard and it has the @ sign on it but inside there plenty of room for you gadgets, wires and many other things.

So if you want to clean up you desk then lets store stuff in this Keyboard Key Storage Box.

DiMeCard 8 x MicroSD Card Storage

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DiMeCard 8 x MicroSD Card Storage

Do you have a lot of Micro SD cards lying around?

This little card can store up to 8 of you Micro SD cards so that you never have to wonder where they are.

On the back of this card storage there is space to write what it on the cards so that they are neatly organized and you never have to worry what and where they are.

The DiMeCard is 2.4 mm thick and the size of a credit card so you can easily take it with you and with it all your important data.

So if you have  bunch of Micro SD cards lying around then you just need this DiMeCard 8 x MicroSD Card Storage.

Lexar Echo MX 128GB Flash Drive

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Lexar Echo MX 128GB Flash Drive

As someone who is really thinking about getting the Macbook Air really soon I also think about storage issues and backups.

For now I believe that my new laptop would have enough space with 64GB but the 128GB version would be an option.

So when you are on the road you don’t really want to carry have hard drives for backups but with build in SSD storage that is not huge a “normal” flash drive could do the trick.

For instance this 128GB flash drive from Lexar could easily backup the 64GB disk and could do the trick for a not to full 128GB version.

OK this flash drive is only USB2.0 but still if you backup overnight this could be a perfect money saver. And don’t forget that you don’t have to backup everything just the changes would be fine. So that should not take to long.

With an easy and affordable backup solution like this you can be assured that you data is safe.

Come check out the Lexar storage options and the Lexar Echo MX 128 GB Backup Flash Drive.

WD40 Storage Can

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Security storage box

Where do you store you important things you don’t want others to find?

It is difficult to hide stuff isn’t it?

But not any more. This can of WD40 would normally get rid of squeaky things but not this one because this one is empty so empty in fact that you can store things in it.

This can is specially constructed from an original WD40 can to store your things in.

Now you don’t have to worry that a burglar find you holiday money. Even the spies won’t find your ultra secret information because who is gone look for a can of lubricant?

If you have something to hide then get your own WD40 Secret Storage Container.

Click Free Automatic Backup

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Click Free automatic backup

Not everybody is so lucky that they have time machine like we mac people but if you want an easy backup system that can be done by any one then here it is.

Click Free automatic backup is a usb dongle that you place in between you computer and your external hard drive and that is it after that it will make backups for you.

And it does not matter if you have pc or a mac it even works with Windows 7.

Why go the difficult route when you can get your backups made automatically.

Waste no time go order you Click Free Automatic Backup Solution.