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Steve Jobs Phone Charm

author Posted by: George on date Feb 22nd, 2012 | filed Filed under: apple

Steve Jobs figure cell phone charm

Will this be the next Steve Jobs figure that Apple makes them stop selling?

This Steve Jobs figure comes with a iPhone with a Steve Jobs picture on it and both are able to be used as cell phone charms by using the included headphone plug.

Of course you can use this Steve Jobs figure for other things to. I would like one for on my desk.
Steve is 14cm high and of course is wearing his typical clothing and holding an iPhone. And Steve Jobs is standing on the Apple logo.

And the iPhone with Steve’s picture is included in the package but that is not something i care about so make you own judgement about that.

You can get your own Steve Jobs figure for just under 6 dollars witch include world wide shipping.

Maybe this Steve figure is not the best we have seen but this one is still for sale and is a lot cheaper then all the others.

Don’t hesitate they can be gone before you know it.

So order you own Steve Jobs Action Figure Phone Charm. 

Steve Jobs Flash Drive

author Posted by: George on date Jan 2nd, 2012 | filed Filed under: apple, Memory Sticks

Steve Jobs USB Flash drive

We can always use some motivation once in a while and this USB flash drive does that.

This is a credit card size flash drive that is nice and thin and still has plenty of storage space.

But this card is more. This flash drive has a picture of Steve Jobs on it and the slogan “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.
the other side of this card shows the info from his business card and that is not that interesting to me.

But having Steve Jobs in my wallet with this little bit of motivation is great.

And this USB flash drive comes is a variety of sizes so you can get the size you want.

Carry Steve Jobs with you where ever you go with this Steve Jobs USB Flash Drive. 

Steve Jobs RIP

author Posted by: George on date Oct 5th, 2011 | filed Filed under: apple

Steve Jobs Rest in Peace

Today the sad new reached us that Steve Jobs has passed away.

Let me start with wishing his family the power and strength they will need in the coming days, weeks, month and years to get over this loss.

It’s hard to write about someone you never met but still have such and admiration for.

For me Steve Job was a visionary who wanted the best products out there that would change the world.

And this is what he did for me.

My first contact with an Apple product (a Macintosh i believe) was like 28 years ago. Then still a kid this product looked amazing to me but my dad decided to get a PC.

After worked in the computer industry for years. I finally got sick of the inferior products hardware and software products and in 2007 I bought my first Mac. It was a Macbook Pro witch I today still use almost everyday. Since that first day that I used my Apple computer I never looked back.

This amazing product with amazing software that just worked and worked all the time.

From the first Mac to now having and iMac, iPhone, Apple TV and a Nano there was just happiness while using these devices. Something I rarely found while still using pc’s.

And for me this was all thanks to Steve Jobs a leader and visionary who lead his team and company to great heights witch as we all know did not go so easy but he did it any way.

Steve seemed to have his way of doing things and did not want to cut corners if that would go over the head of us the faithful users.

So long Steve Rest in Piece, you will be missed but you will be remembered.


Cool Usb Toys will in respect to Steve Jobs not do any new post till october 14th 2011 the day the new iPhone 4S comes out a device that becomes the last iPhone that we know Steve had a great say in.
I am sure the Apple will have a great future as long as they follow the system that Steve Jobs put in place, and wish them all the best.