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Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

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Star Trek Baby feeding system

There we have the starship enterprise just like we have seen it o so many time on Star Trek.

A baby loves to be fed with this feeding system. It is a bib with lights that interact with the Starship Enterprise spoon witch of course has lights to.

This unique Star Trek baby feeding system will make you baby eat more easily.

Check out all the info and a cool video of the Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

Star Trek Salt & Pepper Shaker

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Enterprise and shuttle salt and Pepper Shaker

Star Trek fans need to eat real food to but how can they be away from Star Trek so long?

No worries we found something that will keep them happy while eating.

A salt and pepper shaker set with the Enterprise NCC-1701 and the shuttle one of them can be your salt and the other can be your pepper. A real Star Trek fan will love this and to make it even more fun they build magnets inside them so that they can dock together when needed.

A real Star Trek fan just need to have this Star Trek Enterprise & Shuttle Salt and Pepper Shaker.

Star Trek Wireless Mouse

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Star Ship Enterprise wireless usb mouse right from the movie

Star Trek fans will love this mouse.

It is a wireless USB mouse that works great on PC and Mac and even comes with batteries included.

But the main thing of course is that it is a Star Trek mouse. On the top of the mouse you see a picture of the U.S.S.  Enterprise as we all saw it in the hit Star Trek movie from 2009.

Wait no longer and go get your own Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Wireless Mouse.

Star Trek Lamp

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Star Trek Lamp

OK even if you are only a small fan of Star Trek you have to see this.

So lets start with a little video:

As you can see this is just the coolest gadget out there.

You can now own a lamp that has a turning space ship and of course not just a space ship but the Starship Enterprise and with the turning starship and the theme of the original Star Trek movies this just has to be the coolest item out there.

Check out all the details of this Star Trek Lamp.

Star Trek Webcam

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Always wanted your own Enterprise? Now you can own your personal Star Trek space ship but then as a webcam that you can have on your PC or Mac.

The webcam can be clipped on to your screen with the Star Trek Badge and connects to a USB port.

Great for video chatting in MSN, Skype, iChat an much more.

Check out the Star Trek Webcam

Enterprise in a bottle T-Shirt

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If you are a Star Trek fan then maybe this is the Shirt for you. Now you can own a shirt that shows the Star ship Enterprise caught in a bottle.

Go check out this cool Star ship Enterprise T-shirt

Star Trek Illuminated T-Shirt

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Why have a boring T-Shirt?

What about this Star Trek Shirt that shows a cool moving image of our favorite show.

Yes it is battery operated and yes that means only hand wash but who cares, it is a Star Trek T-Shirt.

Check get yourself an Star Trek Illuminted Shirt

Star Trek Cologne and Perfume

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OK we know don’t mess with a Star Trek Fan, and now we can smell them coming.

Now we at Coolusbtoys found the Star Trek Cologne and Perfume so you can smell like a true fan.

There is the:

Tiberius Cologne – Sweet citron zest, black pepper, and cedar create refreshingly clear top notes layered over warm vanilla, white musk, and sandalwood base notes.

and the

Pon Farr Perfume – Light, clean top notes of citrus, blackcurrant, lotus blossom, and water lily, with base notes from sandalwood, peach, and mulberry.

So if you boy or girl friend is a real Star Trek fan then order your Star Trek Flavor NOW so that you can be the greatest friend this holiday season.

Live Long & Prosper Clock

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Star Trek lovers out there will like this clock.

Just lighten up the office a bit or just you bed room with this Live Long & Prosper Clock.

Go check it out today and see how cool the Live Long & Prosper Clock really is

Star Trek USB Communicator

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Do you like Star Trek? If so then this Communicator from the first series is a must have for you.

And it is not just a cool looking toy it actually works to. You can use the build in microphone and earphone for Skype, MSN, AIM, iChat and so on.

And when you are not using it for VOIP you can use the 21 build in sound effects to impress your friends.

A real Star Trek Fan or friend of a fan will now click the link to the Star Trek Communicator