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World Invasion Game T-Shirt

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World Invasion Game T-Shirt

If you like the classic Space Invaders game and need a cool shirt then check out this World Invasion Game T-Shirt.

This black t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and comes in many sizes going all the way to and adults 10XL.

On this t-shirt you can see a world map and it is made out of the same aliens we try to shoot in Space Invaders and there is also the little cannon to shoot the aliens.

A fun shirt like this shows that you like to protect the world and that you like classic video games so come get your World Invasion Game T-Shirt.

Space Invaders Console Backpack

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Space Invaders Console Backpack

If you like classic console games then you will like this Space Invaders backpack as it does look a lot like a true arcade game.

The backpack is a bit square to make it look more like a true arcade cabinet and on the backpack, you can see the Space Invaders screen and even the money slot that can actually take a coin.

And this backpack is just perfect for school, work, and other adventures. It offers a bunch of pockets and even a laptop sleeve.

So if you like classic video games and need a new backpack then come check out this Space Invaders Console Backpack.

Space Invaders Pajamas

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Space Invaders Pajamas

Are you a gamer that like the classics to?

If you are then you are gone love these Space Invaders pajamas.

These men’s pajamas have a long sleeve shirt in light blue with on it one of the aliens from the Space Invaders video game.
And then there are the pants witch are covered in all kind of colored cubes to just look fun.

Now a day on the couch gaming just became better as you can do it in these fun video game pajamas.
You can get these pajamas in sizes Small – XLarge.

Get ready for you next gaming marathon in your new Space Invaders Pajamas.

Invaders Must Die T-Shirt

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Space invader t-shirt

If you like Space Invaders or retro looking video games then you may like this t-shirt.

On this shirt you can see a city in bad shape and then there are green aliens in the sky but luckily there is an orange defence system ready to kill the invaders.

This invaders t-shirt comes in a couple of colors and in a men and women’s version with a nice range of sizes.
And the t-shirt is made from high quality cotton.

So if you want to help with killing the invaders then you may look closer at this Invaders Must Die T-Shirt.

Space Invaders Mug

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Heat changing space invaders mug

Space Invaders was once the hottest video game out there.

And now this retro game looks cool again.

Today is your day to be retro cool because there is a Space Invaders coffee mug. And this mug is not just a boring mug with a picture no this mug changes the picture when you put a hot liquid in it.

Normally the mug shows a space scene and then when you poor some hot coffee in it the space ships appear and the mug really looks like the game.

Get ready to drink yourself to a winning game with this Space Invaders Mug.

Space Invaders Icecube Tray

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If you are planning a geeky party then this is what you need. A Space Invaders Ice Cube tray so that you party ice looks better then anybody elses Ice.

Now you can make you own great looking Cubes that would look great in your glass.

Maybe make special cubes with a flavor to make it even more exiting.

Order your Space Invaders Icecube Tray today and getting quick.