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Google Android Skateboard

author Posted by: George on date Apr 13th, 2012 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

A Skateboard with Google androids all over it

A geek with a skateboard deserves a special skateboard.

How about this Google Androids skateboard.

This skateboard is covered in colorful Androids just like Google uses in there Android logo.

And this skateboard is available in different deck styles so that you can have the skateboard style you want.
You can get this skateboard just as a deck or including trucks and wheels.

Come check out all the options of this Android Skateboard. 

Linux Penguin Skateboard

author Posted by: George on date Aug 31st, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Linux Tux skateboard

Linux users are gone love this skateboard.

This skateboard shows the mascot of Linux the penguin and it fits great on this skateboard.

Of course you can choose the type of board you like and even add wheels and stuff or just get the board it’s all up to you as long as it has the Linux Penguin on it.

Check out this Linux Penguin Skateboard.

Motherboard Skateboard

author Posted by: George on date Mar 11th, 2011 | filed Filed under: Toys

Get your own motherboard skateboard

Looking for a cool new board? If so look at a skateboard with a print of a motherboard on it.

You can choose different style boards and wheels or no wheels so this way you get the perfect skateboard for your use.

And a geek needs a skateboard that fits with his other passions so one with the insides of a computer would be perfect.

Go have a better look at this Motherboard Skateboard.