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Geek or Nerd Shoes

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Geek or Nerd Shoes

Now you can have cool shoes that tell the world you are a geek or a nerd.

These shoes are black and on the top, they have two letters embroidered and together the shoes spell geek or nerd and you can choose which one you want.

The black shoes are available in a wide selection for women’s sizes so that they just fit you perfectly.

And the slip-on shoes are black with a white sole and that together with the white embroidery makes for a cool contrast.

Get ready to be the geekiest women on the block when you are wearing these shoes.

Here you can get the Geek Shoes

and Here you can get the Nerd Shoes.

Robot Slippers With Sound

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giant Robot Slippers With Sound

Always want to be a little bit of a robot?

Now you can have warm feet and just be amazing with these robot slippers that make sound with every step you take (you can turn it off).

These giant robot slippers fit up to men’s size 12 and women size 14 comfortably and yes they are just amazing.

The look like two steel boots but they are actually the perfect comfy soft pair of robot boots.

Now just click on the photo above to see a super fun video of these robot boots in action and then after that order you own pair of Giant Robot Slippers With Sound.

Robot Toddler / Kids Shoes

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Robot Toddler / Kids Shoes

Or your toddler or kid needs new shoes but hey of course they want robots on them and that does not have to be a problem.

Keen makes special kids robot shoes. The shoes are dark blue and are covered in small robots in all kind of shapes and colors.

And these robots shoes come in a wide range of sizes from 4 -13 so that you kids feet have the shoes they need.
The shoes are made with natural canvas and have a rubber sole.

Make your kid happy with a pair of Keen Robot Shoes.

Slip-On Robot Booties

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baby shoes with robots

So you have a little one that need some footwear.

Of course you want him or hear to wear the appropriate shoes that make a statement.

These slip-on booties are have a little robot on them and that of course give the statement.

These robot booties have a non slip sole and and elastic top so that they stay on the feet without any effort.
And these baby shoes come in sizes 0 – 18 months.

So get your kid ready to become a robot engineer by getting them these fun Slip-On Robot Booties.

Android Shoes

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Google Android Shoes

If you really want to make Android step on Apple then this is your changes just get a pair of these Pro-Keds Android shoes and go step on an Apple product (or a fresh Macintosh Apple).

These black shoes make the green Android robot stick out nicely.

And these Pro-Keds shoes are quality and now Quality and Android finally come together 😉

Go check out these cool Android Shoes.

Circuit Board Shoes

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Motherboard shoes now you can have shoes with a circuit board printed on it.

Ok you definitely need to be geeky to have shoes that look like the picture above. These shoes have a circuit board printed on them.

So you find all your geeky needs in your shoes. nice and green with a mainboard printed on it.

Go have a look at these Green Circuit Board Shoes.